Mad Ads – Airtel Digital TV: The ‘Stars Come Home’ Contest

The Airtel Digital TV ‘Stars Come Home’ Contest is pretty straightforward. You sign up for a new connection and get a chance to bring your favourite star home for an afternoon filled with celebrity fun and frolic. Now, I have nothing against the ad here. It checks out pretty decently, really. No! Its presence here is owed to the actual contest it endorses.

It’s not exactly the most original concept in the world, ‘Bring Your Favourite Celebrity Home’, is it? It is, however, one of the most Fuck All. I mean, Dude! Winning this contest is pretty much tantamount to being sentenced to a week’s worth of slavery. Think about it. And I mean, really think about it! By some mind-numbing act of God, you win the contest and Kareena’s about to drop in. You, now, basically have to extract every resource at your disposal in an effort to prettify your house and make it celebworthy.  Probably get your home repainted… Replace the furniture… Buy a new dining set… & I haven’t even gotten to the logistics of fitting her entire entourage in your living room yet.
I mean, it’s okay if you’re like a die-hard fan, and you’re actually a big enough loser to be fine with all the baggage. But, the cost-factor aside, if you’re the average 35-50 year old familyman, or about 90% of Airtel Digital TV’s target demographic, the pressure of having Kareena Kapoor in your home, quietly judging your life through her fake wedding smile and beady celebrity eyes, is something you just don’t wanna sign up for. Even if there is only a 1 in 10,000 chance that you might actually win. Really, man! All I wanted was fuckin Satellite TV… Not Superstar Condemnation!
As we sign off, a quiet word for one Ms. Amrita Arora. The celeb-in-law who features as prominently in the Ad as the rest of them luminaries, but Alas! Doesn’t get a mention anywhere in the contest credits. I mean, how sad is that? If you haven’t seen the celebrity version of a ‘You-Don’t-Belong-Here-So-Take-A-Hike-Sistah’ Slap in the Face moment… Yeah, that’s what it looks like.
Rating 4.44 out of 5
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6 Responses to “Mad Ads – Airtel Digital TV: The ‘Stars Come Home’ Contest”

  1. Prashant says:

    First comment!Where’d the movies go?! Bring back the movies!

  2. tunali says:

    Hahahha, my friend won this contest and had Kareena Kapoor coming over! The media came along too, so more than the thin actress, who wouldve anyways fit into that tiny Mumbai apartment, it was the media who caused trouble!

  3. Kriti Kalwad says:

    I’m a huge fan of your movie review comics. So much that, I haven’t been able to comment on any of them because I would have had too much of a laughing fit to type. Seriously. Respect. Your take on the other ads is funny too. But, this post was a disappointment.
    My questions are, why should any smart family…wait, now that’s not possible if they are indeed celebrity crazy, but anyway, revamp their home interiors for her? It’s not like they’ve won the lottery or KBC or it isn’t like there are Diwali offers at all home decor stores.
    And secondly, would Kareena Kapoor or any other celebrity really care enough to judge? If they’re not the sweet types who are overwhelmed to visit a fan’s place, I mean. Why should she expect newer looking furniture or the smell of fresh paint?
    And if the issue of fitting her entourage in the living room comes up, then just moving all your sofa sets and blah into bedrooms etc is the solution and not buying new ones. Oh and every average Indian home has a dining set that would’ve been received as a gift at their wedding which is reserved for ocassions of this kind. 😉
    ‘Celebworthy’ applies only to dining sets and towels.
    You are a celebrity now Sahil. Your fans like yours truly expect a lot from you. :)
    Peace. Cheers!

    P.S: I’m not denying that moving furniture takes effort.

  4. Bernie says:

    Ha ha , today on a day of prayer n penance i broke all rules cracking up while reading this ….. Uh how do i bookmark this ?

    Not a hindi movie fan but this was Truly Rofl stuff ….

    Cheers b/-

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