Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Jail

Going in to watch  this movie, I really didn’t know what to expect. I guess a lot of it had to do with the fact that ‘Jail’ is a Madhur Bhandarkar production and, thus, a product straight out of the “Let the film title give nothing away as regards the story & plot” school of thought! I’d try and not ruin the surprise for you… But that would totally go against every other review that’s preceded this one now, wouldn’t it?

If not visible, download the strip from here.


Rating 4.10 out of 5

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21 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Jail”

  1. Thank you, THANK YOU for saving me Rs (250+250 tickets + 80 parking + 248 damp popcorn and watered coke + 800 since we’re in mall why not buy more shit + 100 misc).

    The Obligatory Gay Character was nice. Given the number of OGCs in TV/Films one would think India is gay heaven. On a separate note, if you look at OGC sideways it looks like someone masturbating.

  2. Also, although these are stick figures… but do we see any butt? I mean, prison movies always show butts dont they?

    • Haha! Good thing this isn’t one of them Matrix-freeze frame-180 degree-camera-panning situations. But it’s nice to know that your work is appreciated on levels you didn’t intend it to reach… like beating off OGCs. XD

      We actually do not get to see any unblurred butt in this one. Go figure. =\

  3. Shrikala says:

    You know, maybe I should just read your reviews and quit watching bollywood movies altogether. :)

  4. Arti says:

    Lollz, one of the funniest bollywood movie reviews i have read…

  5. sahilriz says:

    Hehe, thanks Shrikala and Arti! Much appreciated. =)

  6. RNair says:

    I’ve been reading quite a few of these. Your comics are becoming the best thing to happen to awful movies. Awesome work.

    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      Thank you, kind sir! =) I’d hold off on that comment, though. The day someone goes & watches one of these awful movies just because they read the comic here and wanna go and compare notes is the day that compliment’ll stand true. I really doubt that day will come though! XD

  7. Mohini says:

    Wow, a near thing, this. My parents kept raving about how socially relevant “Jail” was to my independent freethinking rent-paying lifestyle. Go figure. Much resources saved. Just another day in the life of Review Man. *claps*

  8. Mohini says:

    Also, can one request a review here, or lets call it a “suggestion” then?
    > Wanted<
    Pretty please sir?!

    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      Haha, they made ‘Wanted’ as a deliberately outrageous movie. Can’t really manufacture humour from that! =) Will make if something strikes though. =)

      • Mohini says:

        I disagree! Do you seriously think Salmaan Khan thinks any little part of “Wanted” (or London Dreams) was unbelievable, unrealistic, or outrageous? I doubt it. Its a joke, but a serious one to the teeming masses.

        • Sahil Rizwan says:

          Haha, to be perfectly honest, I can’t tell the difference between Salman Khan acting and Salman Khan in real life, like during interviews. My point was that there was nothing unintentionally funny about that movie. It was just a very bad one. XD

  9. Reetika says:

    I can’t believe I watched this one,although only half-way…at some point between ‘old man who doesn’t remember when he came to jail’ and ‘sher o sharayi quoting funnyman’, I walked out, and am now mourning the loss of my time, money, and common sense ='(

    Thanks for making the memories less painful, bro!

    LOVED the seedy technopop dance number

  10. Deepika says:

    oh please please please… some one must watch this torturous movie.. “2022” and oh yeah 2012 too….!

  11. Just your normal fan V says:

    I just want to say that I read your whole website (not just the page ie jail I am commenting on) and I found it so thoroughly entertaining I am totally engrossed in the whole work up of things. One more thing I would like to add as a humble reader : Add one prerequisite to your site – either you need to see the movie, or you need to be high…… or of course like me.. you need to be both.


    From a long time friend

    Varun Goel

  12. niharika says:

    was there no “be my bitch” scene involving a bully and neil nitin mukesh?? :O
    after all he would have been the “pretty boy”…. 😛
    i would love to see you do posts on CID and Chetan Bhagat novels!! 😀

  13. Anisha Arora says:

    Dude read all your comic reviews and sir please accept my standing ovation for your reviews. You are a freaking genius and immensely balanced review writer as most of the bollywood critics don’t really give genuinely reviews.
    Thanks man.

    P.S.: Hopefully after bollywood, its hollywood we can have your reviews on.

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