Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Veer

Being directed by Anil Sharma, of Sunny Deol rips out handpump to kick neighbourhood ass fame, Veer was always gonna be a testosterone fest, regardless of the who the actors were. But when your lead is Salman Khan… in a story written by Salman Khan… over 20 years… That’s when testosterone levels touch awesome proportions of epic!

And make no mistake, this movie is epic, in every sense of the term! Now, there’re a million pretty obvious jokes that could follow that line, so I’m gonna let you choose. Fill in the blank with the superlative of your choice.

An epic _________:

– Fail

– Waste of Time

– Exercise in not ripping every strand of hair out from your scalp

– Synonym for ‘So Mind-Numbingly Awful, I’d rather watch Radio again’.

If you can’t see the strip, click this link, and use the ‘Download Now’ button (BELOW THE “REALLY SMALL IMAGE Β THAT YOU CAN”T SEE PROPERLY”) to save it on your comp! Why have people not been able to make sense of that yet?

Rating 4.50 out of 5

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58 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Veer”

  1. Beth says:

    Best final panel EVAAAA! :)

  2. anita says:

    oooh, that last panel hurt, dude! lovely! why is fatrina so bulbous though? what happened to the stick figure girls with venn diagrams?

  3. aarkayne says:

    lol….javed akhtar does indeed have the last chortle…phunneee

  4. shishir says:

    Was waiting for this review since friday…

    Cant imagine why it took 20 years for Salman to write this dumb story…wait…was he illiterate and had to start from ‘scratch’ ? :)

    The last panel is too good btw…Veer must have hurt Salim like hell!

  5. Mohini says:

    Call me partisan, but somehow the panels in bombay times lack a certain je ne sais quoi. The humour ties up better on the site. x_x

    Last panel was fun. And the chick resembles amoeba more than woman of fortress in ghagra..bring back the stick figures! Salman, was perfection tho.

  6. Mamta says:

    Ok the last one was truly hilarious!! But seriously I feel bad that they made a mockery out of the Pindari war which by the way really happened & with Lord Hastings trying to terminate them. Wish they had made a serious movie out of this one …sad…

  7. Haha! Good fun! I was sitting here wondering when you’re going to put one up for Veer. That’s the fun thing about every trashy movie that’s released; I get to read this four days later! My sympathies with you though, you have some serious occupational hazards! πŸ˜€

  8. Hardik says:

    Hilarious stuff man.. take a bow!!

  9. Brainstuck says:

    Bitch was shot in the right boob and in the next panel….. *BAM* the wound is in his left,.. #FAIL, just like the movie!

  10. MP says:

    Super funny!! And agree with…best last panel ever!
    I believe this was meant to be a tribute to dad – poor Salim!!

  11. Muraliraja says:

    Last panel……Pure Awesomeness…….Was waiting for this review since Friday……Worth the wait.

  12. vansharma says:

    Great stuff. Gotta love the moobs!

  13. Guru Das says:

    Loved the horseys, man! And the “nothing to do with anything so far” is tooo good. Superb!

  14. AB says:

    Haha.. EPIC FAIL movie.. Pindari’s dancing on Punjabi tunes!
    And Fatrina was #win

  15. anita says:

    like mohini says, i too find the strip somehow much more powerful here – visually at least – i guess it’s to do with the visual space allotted to it – all comes together well on the screen with the scrolling read – the spread kind of makes it all diffuse. anyway, like some else said, poor you – that’s one bitchin’ load of occ hazards you have. have you considered putting aside some money for therapy in the future?

    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      Hehe! I completely agree that this is totally an internet thing. I was actually surprised when they approached me. But hell, they’re paying me and I still have complete say over what goes on my site, so I’m not complaining! =p

  16. Ravan says:

    Kuch bhi… ha ha ha…:P

  17. memsaab says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! *falls off chair laughing*

  18. WSW says:

    The last panel is brilliant.ROFL!

  19. Prashant says:

    hey… that was nice.. liked the whole concept put up here…thanx Hussain for sending me this link!

  20. pras says:

    *Veer kill *Hulk smash
    i kinda see the resemblence ROFL!!
    both brainless to the core

    Last panel is just too good!!
    hats off ^__^
    oh,and can i request a review of the newly unveiled BOLLYWOOD short film all of 16 minutes…
    yep,i’m talking about the travesty that is “Phir Mile Sur”

    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      Haha! You mean the national integration wala video which chose to feature Shilpa Shetty & not Sachin Tendulkar? Leave it be, man. It was a 16 minute Bollywood jizzgasm! =p

  21. Yogi says:

    You have TOTALLY convinced me to watch the movie. The last panel was the best !!!

  22. RT says:

    n Sahil is BACKKKKKK!!!! Afetr Blue n London Dreams, I love this the MOST πŸ˜€

    Awesome…n Ouchh..Final Panel hurts πŸ˜› (n maybe thats y the net rating is a lil low..u know mass hysteria amongst Salman’s rickshawalla fans)

    Fatrina, Booby Salman, Granddudda..all awesome

    n in beginning “screw u guys, i’m goin home”..another Eric Cartman fan..but seeing ur writing style, y am I not surprised? :)

  23. RT says:

    n helloooooo…where is Sohail Khan????? u deprived us of some LOL moments πŸ˜›

    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      Hehe, yes. Never far away from South Park references, I am. And about Sohail, one Khan clan member was all the awesomeness this strip could take. =p

      Also, yes. Going by these reactions, it would seem that the Salfans have mass-bombed the ratings for this strip. Or maybe I’ve been deleting comments from the people who’ve hated it. =p

  24. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Thanks people! Much blessing be upon you all! =)

  25. Hahahahahahaaa @ ‘5 SER’! Brilliant, bubba.
    Loved Fatrina’s full figurine and King Bling the Yellow. I don’t get how real people (and in spite of everything we must concede that Salman is a real person… isn’t he?) make such public asses of themselves. Haha, forget the public, how does he face his family and friends or vice versa?

  26. Tarun says:

    Keep it up bro… awesome stuff as usual! And as everyone else has intoned… the final panel is killer!

  27. Rohit says:

    Dont ever intend to watch the movie but I think I can safely assume that the last panel of your strip provides more entertainment than the movie itself:)
    Can someone share the link for the cartoons on the mumbai mirror/ times ??

  28. Amit Julka says:

    the sholay reunion!!!!!!!!!!…..HILARIOUS!!!

  29. a traveller says:

    Love the last panel!!! πŸ˜€

  30. A+++ Rating. Moobs were delivered as promised.

    Will buy from this seller again.

  31. Name (required) says:

    last panel is wicked :)

  32. @pvijay says:

    There was a joke by Shekhar Suman long time back:
    A journalist asked Salim Khan why he stopped writing. pat came the reply,”If you had a son like Salman, you would have stopped reading also…”

    One or two Padma awards for that final panel alone!! πŸ˜€

  33. Parth says:

    Nice stuff. But your comics have waaaaayyyyy too much Southpark lingo in them.

  34. Anil says:

    Late in the day coz i was travelling… Fatrina Ka Swayamvar #win for me !!! Awesome awesome dude, all hail King Sahil…

  35. Rosh says:

    This strip wasn’t funny at all .. or maybe thats cos I just returned from watching the movie .. compared to the others where i read the strip first.

  36. abhijeet says:

    i cant stop laughing dude,
    espl the last scene……javed akhtar taunting salim..

    hey very well drawn the pictures of sallu n zarine….hahahaha
    ur back to ur best
    keep goin

  37. anil says:

    Mithun’s costume in that Troy alike battle scene reminded me of some Halloween’s costume, seriously never laughed in theater so much.but yeah I agree unintentionally funny , funny nevertheless.

  38. Radhika says:

    that was aweome..i havent seen the film..but ya..you are amazing..

  39. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Thank you, one and all! Young and old! Manboobs or not! =D

  40. sunny says:

    fatrina ….LOL ….and last panel was indeed killer!!!!

  41. Ruchi Kumar says:

    I simply loved your comic…I think you will much agree with our review on MovieSum… Do check it out: http://www.moviesum.com/bollywood/reviews/veer.html


  42. nibha says:

    absolutely *loveddd* the last panel… hahaha!

  43. Varsha says:

    I loved “fatrina” u totally rock buddy!

  44. doc says:

    epic cartmanism on the 1st panel. :) . will we be getting to see some more. for example, when thinking of bollywood the most likely one is ” RESPECT MY AUTHORITAAAAY”

  45. shruti says:

    this is rajputana!! lolz…was hard put to it to stop myself from laughing out loud. was supposed to be working but couldn’t resist reading your reviews:D

  46. Nikhil Kant says:

    haahhhahahahahahahha.. Last panel here versus last panel in Karthik Calling Karthik… EPIC!!!!!!!!!!! *Cant stop laughing, difficult to breathe*..

  47. Vidooshak says:

    Read it again. The last panel was even funnier after what 2010 has made us sit through!

  48. bharmoriat says:

    great job . u are an artist sir, really really, an awesome job. i wish i could write like you

  49. Waylon Mente says:

    Check out complete films no cost

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