Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Rann

The Ram Gopal Verma directed, Amitabh Bachchan starrer, Rann is a hard-hitting saga. <Insert joke about your head hurting after being hit> It is an inside-look at the news media today and how pathetic and sold-out it’s become. <Compare movie to message> This is the part where you find humour in the first two sentences and move on to the comic. <Laugh & scroll down>


Rating 4.28 out of 5

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59 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Rann”

  1. aarkayne says:

    LOL….like the askewness comment….RGV’s head is certainly completely that…Rampty, Vermpty sat on a wall, Rampty Gopalty had a great fall……and all the Shahenshah’s horse’s and all the ex-CM’s men, could not put Rampty, Vermpty together again….RIP.

  2. ajnabi says:

    Honestly, would it BE an RGV film if it *didn’t* have the 180 degree camera sway shot? I don’t think it would. I hate that something that showcases Riteish is doing so poorly, because I really like him. But I like the strip! Especially the “I will now proceed to tell you every miniscule detail” bit. Good work, as per usual. :-)

  3. Asha Tampa says:

    Heh! Cool one, as usual! Nice start to the day, this! Been following your blog since quite some time, but this is my very first comment :o) Love your reviews, Sahil!

  4. Anon says:

    duude… not all that funny this time! Agree the stick figures have been captured from good angles a la Ramu but apart from the one glitch where the revealing bit flows a bit too smoothly for comfort, I found the movie to be pretty palatable…

  5. RT says:

    I genuinely don’t understand y ppl keep writing “not all that funny this time”..Of course, its funny! Amitabh’s tense closeups..Ritesh’s nostrils..all worth a 😀

    Last panel(s), as usual, ur real acid test of creativity 😉 just kidding..but yes..last panel(s) are always unique n deserve special mention!

  6. RT says:

    n i hope u won’t massacre Ishqiya? :-)

  7. RT says:

    also, no mention of any female leads? Gul/Neetu etc etc..

  8. I for one really appreciate RGV’s commitment towards those who can’t see fully. Not many director’s have the guts/balls/ballguts to employ a visually impaired person to handle the camera. You guys should be ashamed of mocking him! WHAT IF IT HAPPENED TO YOUR OWN SISTER!!

    Oh wait…

  9. anhishake das says:

    hilarious i must say…loved it, will share it across the social network syndicate and hog the limelight of the something that i didn’t do…ah, the glorious sham of social networking! :)

  10. Sagar says:

    Heh! Nicely done :)

  11. blueberry32 says:

    Lol @ Fly, you Fools

  12. i liked the leftover phoonk soundtrack bit – very clever :)

  13. Well done, again. (I am keeping thse golden words saved on Notepad, to C&P after every webcomic you post.)
    Then, I will also add one unique line showing my close observation of all panels, true appreciation of your art etc etc.
    For example, in this case:
    Love the silent panel. Hyaahahahahaaa effect.

  14. Mohini says:

    lol @ fly, you fools! last panel(s) (y)

  15. Mohini says:

    AND -> special mention of the insane Nostril Hair. Well done.

  16. Eliza Bennet says:

    Oddly, RGV seems to favour nostril shots (Sarkar and Sarkar Raj) The strip is hillarious (and I really like RGV films). As a person who shies away from spoilers, I actually can’t stop myself from reading yours.

    Despite his connections (he must have some to be in films) Riteish just doesn’t have it.

  17. Mahesh says:

    hey sahil,

    great comic strip once again. Now u have set such high standard that the expectations from the next comic strip gets much higher! Keep up the great work..& let it keep getting a viral effect through social media platforms like Twitter & Facebook


  18. Cherish says:

    Nice one… but disappointed for not seeing Neetu Chandra in the comic strip? Throughout the movie she wears skimpy clothes…and her expressions..beyond any words :-)

    Good that you highlighted the close up…and also you should highlight the unnecessary camera shake even for the simplest of scenes

  19. Shantanu says:

    Nobody noticed the hair jutting out from the ears? No body? Ha. Or maybe nose-hair is more popular than ear-hair! Hail Lalu!

    Comic was good. But where are me titties? Sahil. Never forget the USP. Slip in a titty or two here or there.. 😛 Manboobs if you must..

  20. Aalaap Ghag says:

    I’m retweeting this!

  21. Durlov says:

    Awesome. RGV takes up a good project and hurries it through… the last few projects were all hurried once.

  22. RT says:

    @ Shantanu: I did, i did notice 😀 was abt to comment on the same

  23. abhishek says:

    i’m officially your fan now.

  24. Never Mind says:

    Please please no, Ishquiya strip. Funny how Purab’s beard gets darker and thicker with the movie :)

  25. Name (required) says:

    dude u r becoming Like Ramu … Great previously now only things remaining is couple of awesome panel .. lot of repeat emotion from past panel … and whole lot of not so funny panel … you even started missing important point of movie …

    Purab had obviously lost faith in amitabh’s character who he idolized… hence he got lead to the rival boss ..

    Rann needed much more fun to be made off … but you let rann down

  26. Hardik says:

    very humourously done Sahil.. i’ve been following your posts since quite some time now but this is my first ever comment…

    keep up the good work..



  27. Ramaa Ramesh says:

    And Sahil delivers another hit. 😀
    You are now officially on a list populated by Krish Ashok and Anand Ramachandran- my ‘blogs to read when I want to be entertained’ list.
    kthxbai 😀

  28. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Everyone, thankyouverymuchkthxbai! You know the drill by now, yes? More power to you all! =)

  29. Minerva says:

    LMAO!! Awesome!! Once again, pure excellence!

  30. Rahul says:


    you should do a review of TZP… it would be fun

  31. karthik says:

    i think this was the least entertaining strip of all. in my opinion it was because there wasnt anything to rip apart in the movie other than the fact that it could have been made better. i felt the movie was decent and this strip a little forced.

    btw, my favourite among your works is – VEER.


  32. Baj says:

    Pls do MNIK

  33. rati says:

    are you this muscular??? heheh

  34. Jaydev says:

    I liked the “My Name is Khan”..though I didnt comment on it there..
    I was really pissed at SRk-Sena “i-scratch-ur-back-u-scratch-mine” mutual-fame-whoring..This toon..helped channelize that disgust…into laughter..ha ha 😛
    Btw..Your Hosting provider is a lame…It takes ages to load your toons..man…Increase your bandwidth by calling hosting-support or change the host..It would be really pity if my friends miss this toon..(if they cudnt load this site..)I have forwarded the Khan movie toon to most of them.. Fuking awesome..

  35. Ashish says:

    Bloody brilliant !!

  36. Niraj says:

    totally not missed watching rann after reading your strip .. though the same cannot be said about the aesthetically zoomed in nostrils

  37. Purnima says:

    You sir are (in the words of another, slightly more briliant filmmaker than Ramu) a Golden God. What a effin amazing take on the film. May you continue to mock with mirth for a long time to come.

  38. param says:

    i actually liked the movie….but i guess ur comics relate to the illogical side of the film stories…something noone would ever do in a real life situation?

  39. param says:

    like giving the reins of a company to a few months old employee:P

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