Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch, Bollywood Movies: Striker

Ever seen a movie that leaves absolutely no impression on you? You know what I’m talking about. It’s the movie you decide to watch for lack of better options & don’t care for enough to remember after you’ve actually seen it. You don’t really hate it, but can’t tell why you don’t like it, either. Striker is that movie. Underwhelming, I think, the word is. Like the iPad…. Or Tushaar Kapoor.

PS – All non-celebrity characters in the strip have been illustrated to scale. True story.

Rating 2.64 out of 5

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36 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch, Bollywood Movies: Striker”

  1. adarsh says:

    Tonight’s strip just proves it: this is a pretty decent movie afterall. Sure I kept expecting to see Nicolette again. The ghajini-gadar end was OK, good that it went by fast enough and didn’t allow scope for us to make fun of him there. Sahil, that was a pretty tight script.

  2. Rahul says:

    You made a mock of yourself 😛 hehehe

  3. Reetika says:

    I don’t remember those biceps on you, Sahil? =P
    Poetic license, I’ll grant you….haha

  4. Maria_Juanita says:

    Wait, does this mean *you’re* Salman Khan? And you wrote yourself shirtless–AGAIN?!?!

    I kid, I kid. Great job, as always :)

  5. Reuben says:

    Hahaha..good one man!! 😀
    Can’t wait to c what becomes of my name is khan! 😛

  6. ajnabi says:

    Yeah, this one just wasn’t well-suited to the stick-figure treatment, was it? When nothing happens there’s nothing to make fun of. Well, rape happens. But that’s not funny. I love the RDB afterparty though!

  7. Aditi says:

    I-pad and tushar kapor..lol…and whats with the biceps? n who is the ‘friend’ talking to you about your review? Well, nice change in narrative.

  8. RT says:

    Hmmm…rightly said..no enthu to read/watch abt this movie..BUT…Last panel(s) again make up…brilliant entry of Sharman n Madhawan..just brilliant n innovative thinking! :-)

  9. Tania says:

    ‘Puppy Dog Eyes’…looks like you are back!

  10. @pvijay says:

    You’ve been working out pretty hard, eh? Hunkier than Salman! 😛

  11. Minerva says:

    lol … that was a little too short for my taste (more puns, more sly fun at the expense of ridiculous cinematic twists) but good nonetheless!

  12. Praveen says:

    WOw! this was REALLY funny.

    great work man.
    i am your new fan now!

  13. Hah! Dumbbell in first panel. :) Popeye forearms, biceps and triceps. Much too much fun!

  14. Blueberry32 says:

    sorry. but what’s ocsl? love the Tushaar kapoor reference.. neat

  15. scumbag says:

    you’re losing it… this shit is flatter than boiled kingfisher

  16. helion says:

    RGV better than you

  17. Mcdermot says:

    The movie is quiet decent and the script is good….there aren’t many lose ends….ha ha ha ha…this time you didn’t get anything to make fun of….that kinda shows your creative bankruptcy…the only original part u put in was out of context and lame….

  18. Lakshya says:

    Way above my head. Should haev given the movie a look first! But good as always??…ehh…not quite! 😛

  19. Striker was a great movie with a tight script, good acting, wonderful music and not that many loose ends. The “Rape” scene was more an “Angry Sex” scene. The Noorie sequence was an important backstory to the inter-religion tension later on. It also kinda helps bring the brother-sister relation more important and meaningful and ultimately tragic in the end. Not all love stories end up all the way to the end credits.

    I could see you struggle, to make fun of it! :))) But more than the strip itself, the words on top were harsh. Left you with no impression? Not even Ankur Vikal’s Zayed, Duuuude, WTF??

    I rarely ever like a hindi movie, this was that rare chance. I even went for more popcorn in the interval.

    You doing Ishqiya anytime?

  20. karthik says:

    bore. c’mon man, i have a lot of expectations on your strip for my name is khan. please watch the movie again if you dont get any ideas…

  21. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Clearly no one appreciates it when I don’t think of a movie as awful. Good to know, people. Thanks! =)

    • Dev Chand says:

      I do!
      Though, I think you need to portray the flaws in the movie better, and not start considering ambiguous details as flaws and insert new flaws that weren’t there in the movie.
      Keep writing, and make some good comics next time.

  22. anita says:

    hey, i dont know about the others, but you got me at ‘underwhelming’ – not one of your best, but what do you do with a movie like this one? tushar kappor is right! liked your MNIK spoof in the MM today, ’twas funny, but doesn’t work for me till i see it here on-screen!

  23. Rosh says:

    So you are ready with MNIK? Please post soon.

    Dont see my previous comment here

  24. prajakta says:

    u r completely amazing!!!!!

  25. Kash says:

    Trying to get publicity by trashing MNIK………..go ahead…….atleast then you will be noticed !!
    Some wannabe getting popularity using his movie………SRK won’t mind that !!
    He’s much above all this & so is MNIK !!

    • Jimmy says:

      Lolzzz…. No need to trash MNIK… it is already crap… Yes, SRK is much above all this & so is MNIK… Both of them are above all logic and sense and have reached a level which can be truly termed as mindrape….

  26. Swapnil says:

    What rubbish article.. This way u can find problems in any movie…

  27. anishh aryan says:

    Big fan of your articles :)

  28. Yash Shah says:

    hey Sahil.. too many harsh comments eh? i am sure you know not to worry about it..
    Personally, I like your work.. very very creative.. The afterparty part in this strip was awesome.. hehhehe.. lol..
    I think one bubble is erroneous though.. Sid being a superstar, looks like Sid is saying it himself..

    Guys, you can’t put a spoof reviewers work under the microscope.. if it doesn’t work for you.. too bad..
    it is still creative and awesome..

  29. Ruchi says:


    Everybody has some critics (for whatever reasons)… so don’t get bogged down by the criticism of your comics. In any case, you have more ‘fans’ than critics :-) Keep up the good work. Awesome sense of humour!!!

  30. renu says:

    I’m kind of confused. What is RDB?

  31. rahul says:


    normally i agree with u but here u r 100% wrong ,its oneof the best movie to come out of hindi movie industry in last few yrs ,i think it can be compared to “mean streets” by martin scorcese ,just watch that movie and see wit i mean,the movie was very “rooted” in its context i.e chaals of mumbai in 80s but naywas rest of ur gem posts make up for this one MEGA ERROR

  32. Rishi says:

    Dude. I’m gonna make a comic strip of this comic strip. BAD. Brain Fart?

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