Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Right Yaaa Wrong

There’s not much to say here. Right Yaaa Wrong is a psychological thriller… starring stalwarts such as Isha Koppikar & Aryan Vaid… with a Sunny Deol dance sequence thrown in to boot. How can you go wrong with that? Really.


Non-loyal readers, Refer here & here to get the Sholay reunion joke, yea? =)

Rating 4.46 out of 5

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54 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Right Yaaa Wrong”

  1. Mohini says:

    lol! Mad. It sounds cult-grade awesome.

  2. Sudhindra says:

    Well, chance sighting is how this website happened some weeks back and you are probably one of the funniest, if not the most funny, guy on India cyberspace. Awesome job and for the record, I can scrap this one too off the list! :-)

  3. Ravi says:

    Good stuff…..please review the other shell shockers in the last week, cant wait to read em!

  4. Sugandha says:

    Is Aryan Vaid the “Manboobs” ?? Dude that’s the problem with films that cast unknown people….we don’t get who’s who. Please elucidate.

    This one is going to become an underground cult. Wet dreams !!! Haaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!

  5. Adi says:

    nice one!!

  6. Roopa says:

    You’re such a riot! I think I prefer your reviews to watching the movie:)

  7. Chaya says:

    @ Sugandha: I think Manboobs is Sunny Deol!

    @Sahil: I really like your subtle sarcastic wit. :)

  8. Priyanka says:

    ROTFL.. finishing a script the day movie releases!! ha ha!! love it!

  9. Ramaa Ramesh says:

    Prilliance … kutton part was outsdanding. :) :) Thangs for writing the comic thing so promptly 😛

  10. theishu says:

    Narrator has drawn himself like a soggy piece of ginger, no? :)

  11. bhavna says:

    ROFL.. was somehow waiting for this movie review. wet dreams?!! grt stuff. keep up d good work.

  12. Shezah Salam says:

    Haha, was your self portrait inspired from the whole ‘Sohail’ mistake in that web review? Anyway, awesome script… Entertaining as always

  13. Prakash says:

    so this is a remake of a hollywood movie, ‘above suspicion’: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109034/
    I dont recall whether the BS about him going for treatment was there in the original as well, which was also quite ordinary.

  14. Nishara says:

    your review is a riot!! awesome !!
    ur abs look a little scrawnny though 😀

  15. Shruthi says:

    ROTFL!!! Whatay 😀

  16. rs says:

    haven’t seen a sunny deol movie since dillagi. u made this enjoyable

  17. ViX says:

    lmao! awesome!!!! 😀

  18. aarkayne says:

    I have to know who attended the SHOLAY reunion…..i get one was Dharmendra….were the other two Salim-Javed…..HOWLARIOUS!!!

  19. Bonts says:

    Another cackle-athon. You really do have an eye for absurdities. This film, incidentally, is a rip-off of a Christopher Reeve/Kim Cattrall/William H. Macy film, Above Suspicion (1995). Down to the inhouse infidelitous boinking, he-man in the wheelchair, and knife-stab in the thigh.

  20. Dheeraj says:

    The Sholay Reunion is a masterpiece….guess it will form its own league in time to come (another opportunity in the ‘humourous movie dissection’ industry??)

  21. Lucifer says:

    I read this piece after 28 straight hours of keeping awake. And it still made sense to me. Incredible writing, that!

  22. jkd says:

    Shucks, Sahil! When I saw u were doing RYW i thot, ‘LAME!- why’s he picking on the non-starters, anywayz!?’ But this was good..!!! The manboobs is howlarious and jeeez- sholay-reunion is attaining legendary status, brother!!!!! Much thanks for zis one, between IPL-crap…! ;-p

  23. MP says:

    Cant wait for a Jr AB movie to release in time for the next Sholay reunion :-)

  24. Hahaha… you should review more Hollywood movies.

  25. Vikram Shirur says:

    Man this one is awesome.. All the panels are a must read.. no need to skip till the end… It goes way beyond the others..ROFL… :-) 😀 The IPL add on is the best touch to it…

  26. Ashwin says:

    Allright. Lets have some weird 81 pages long comment please. comon comon

  27. Ashwin says:

    And oh, comic is hilarious awesome as usual!

  28. Hitesh says:


  29. @pvijay says:

    The Sholay reunion doesn’t get over or what? 😛

  30. Vinod Raman says:

    Hahaha…Ribticklingly awesome

  31. Iswarya says:

    Step over LOL Cats. Sholay Reunion is the next big thing (err.. doesn’t beat Manboobs though)

    Sahil FTW!! :)

  32. Aniruddha says:

    dood i really pity you man…u had to sit through that painful movie……..occupational hazards is it :D…anyway fantastic piece of work…totally hilarious….\m/

  33. Reewa says:

    Agian good work Sahil !

  34. nitin says:

    you are just awesome man

  35. samira says:

    oh oh …would like to rate this comic six stars just for the jeff dunham reference

  36. sarin says:

    as you know – Dong kabhi wrong nahi hota…

  37. Siva says:

    ROFLMAO…whatay! it was…sometimes i do feel bad for you…you go through such horrendously painful experiences as watching such shit to just make us laugh…proud to be another faithful loyalist..rock on sahil 😀

  38. Muds says:

    this is awesome dude…so in the end whts your opinion? was it right yaa wrong??

  39. Rahul says:


    saw the actual movie and your review was exactly what I had in mind

    Btw the letter is in hindi and I am damn sure about it … check this screenshot


  40. ratish says:

    Great post as usual…. Sunny boy seems to have taken a liking of sorts to tacky thrillers these days, first it was Fox… n now this, What can we expect now from our own kitschy version of Sherlock??

  41. RT says:

    dooooooood….u HAVE to do shaapit 😉

  42. Karthik krishnan says:

    You cannot be thanked enough!!To go week after week and suffer such tripe for greater good of Humanity.

  43. Hardik says:

    this one’s a kickass!!

    what’s your take on Shaapit ??

  44. Aditya says:

    A sheer laugh riot!

  45. Amit Julka says:

    “Everyone’s wet dream n all”….lol

  46. Sunipa says:

    BRILLIANT!!! The moment i finishd watching the movie i knew we were in for some classic Sahil…& u dint disappoint!! captured the utter illogicality perfectly…wat tripe man. nowadays i look forward to movies more for ur spoofs than for da movies themselves…thanx for providin some pure awesome fun & keep it coming :)

  47. sanjay says:

    another hillarious movie review dude!! keep it up…
    ps: u got the name of irfan khan wrong…just finishd watchng the movie..it was vinay patnaik

  48. nibha says:

    manboobs… lol!
    and the sholay reunion makes a comeback… lol… funny how many of these are coming up! :)

  49. rushie82 says:

    So u gave yourself killer ab’s and body as an avatar, only fair man. I loved the boundaries bitch! part lol. Loved the IPl reference and the end Kutto like dharam paji. Wonderful man. keep posting.

  50. Hi! Great Job! You’ve made it hilarious 😀

  51. Gurman Thukral says:

    Boundaries Bitch…!!!!!! Myyy Goodness…
    Great Work….All Thumb Up….
    ROFLing away i am :DDDDD

  52. Harish says:

    Haha. This created so much curiosity in me that I had to watch the movie. Now I know why you call him MANBOOBS!!! ROFL!

  53. Mirage says:

    I wonder if “I keel you” was an Achmed-the-dead-terrorist thing.. And the english letter read in hindi? Bollywood does that often. iss tarah. kyunki paper pe devnagri likhna actors ke liye utna hi mushkil hai jitna acting karna..

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