Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Shaapit

I’ll be honest with you. I hadn’t even heard of Shaapit till I went to Adlabs this weekend. And the only reason I watched it is because I couldn’t get tickets to LSD. Pretty depressing, it was. Anyway, there I was, in the hall, with absolutely no knowledge about the movie, the actors, the story, Nothing! But watch Shaapit I did, and I came out a satisfieder person because of it. It’s like they say, when you’re feeling down, there’s nothing like a light-hearted comedy to bring you back up.


Rating 4.39 out of 5

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72 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Shaapit”

  1. VAN says:

    Wooohooo! Awesome! Last-panel kickassness again!

    Dude, how you must suffer to bring us joy. Truly grateful.

  2. Asha Tampa says:

    Kickass! Can’t believe the stupidity that’s Bollywood! Haven’t seen this movie yet, but now I wanna! πŸ˜€

    • Jaya says:

      Agreed with this one. I would never ever have gone and watched these movies. But after reading your reviews, they become must-watch on my list. I remember your spoof and have a totally jolly time enjoying the bs.

  3. Aalaap Ghag says:

    No female can haz marraige! LOL!

  4. Bhavna says:

    ROFL… had not heard of dis movie till now… needless to say your version is far better.. and the last panel.. kickass! love it. hats off to you!!

  5. jkd says:


  6. Mariya says:

    OMFG! I can’t believe you actually sat through the movie!

  7. I am sure movies like this are made for reviewers (occupational hazard) and couples only.

  8. Alpana says:

    The last frame was hilarious. Life makes sense. Kheeehhhkheeee.

  9. Violet says:

    Loved the picture of the witch/evil spirit. You’ve got talent πŸ˜€

  10. AM says:

    Kickass…!! πŸ˜€

  11. Nona says:

    :) And you sat through the movie! Awesome!

  12. Gaurav says:

    Dude you still working on the meme thing…Q No female can has marriage UQ.
    I can has cheezburger…ha ha ha ha

    Q Aivehi UQ was too good.

    Keep them coming.

  13. PRATEEQUE says:

    I managed to watch Shaapit as well…thats because im from a film school like satyajit ray film & television instittute. I think Vikram Bhatt has seriously run out of good ideas and is lifting pages from harry Potter. Aditya narayan’s acting is amateur ish and child like lacks maturity. Its like watching a bad school play!

  14. Mohini says:

    Uou haz suicidal tendencies to view such shit. Good job! No art without pain..

  15. aarkayne says:

    lol….nice laffs..for this early in the morning, as i watch IPL as well…

  16. How i wish u cud have got the tickets for LSD and not suffered the curse urself…

  17. Eashan says:

    Didn’t we agree on it being spelled “aiveen” and not “aivehi” back in Class 11? :)

  18. Zeba says:

    Hilarious post! I especially loved the “Life threatening paper cuts” sequence.

  19. Sajesh says:

    Why is the Mumbai Mirror version different than this one?

    anyways, good job. you save us our bucks and make any dull movie a kickass one. Thanks!

  20. ROFL. had not heard of the movie but awesome review lol. The no-dialogue/silent panels rock like always πŸ˜€
    Last panel *awesome*

  21. Reewa says:

    Love it! sooooo funny !!!! great work again Sahil, keep it up

  22. Shruthi says:

    Was wondering if you’d do this movie. Thank you! :)

    Someone in Chennai actually said something like “decent” with express reference to this film. Ugh!

    “conclusively proving my full-retardedness” LMFAO!!!

  23. ratish says:

    Great post as usual, the after parties n reunions take the cake….
    I’m gonna drown your best friend in the bath tub… why??… Aivehi!!Simply brilliant

  24. Shashwat says:

    Stop the After party and Sholay reunion for a while, it is getting a bit monotonous…
    Please “suffer” through more movies! Another Brilliant post!

  25. Priyanka says:

    i love your “silent panels”… they’re the best!! :)

  26. Richa says:

    I have been following your blog for a while now. Great posts. This one is very funny..couldn’t help but comment.

    Voted for you in Best header category in Avant Grade Awards…

  27. arpit says:

    Heh Heh…. u dragged yoda into it 2…..”proved urself worthy you have my child”…….=D…

  28. Nishara says:

    blown away by the stupidity that has come to define bollywood these days

    i would pay to watch UR stickies moving on screen that sit through this senseless mess

  29. D says:

    how freaking talented can u get!!! dude, ur going from strength to strength… amazing work… the silent panels make me totally double up!!! awesome job!!! cant wait for ur next one!!!!

  30. Ravi says:

    just 1 word………. AWESOME!!!!!!!

    i wudnt hav enjoyed this movie ……. but this toons made it so easy for me…… keep it coming πŸ˜›

  31. Neeraj says:

    The silent panels create a sense of anticipation me. It’s like “watching” stuff in slow motion. Creative Brilliance. Awesome!

  32. Grame Smith says:

    Half an hour later… hahahaaa ROFL
    Awesome Man

  33. Ash says:

    ‘Aivehi’! LOL

  34. Reuben says:

    Hehehe…brilliant…loved the ending..:D

  35. Vidooshak says:

    Sometimes the jokes are so far out, tempted to watch the movie just to verify that the plot hole was actually THAT big!!! You have given this movie more than its deserved share of publicity. Dying to see your spoof on LSD….

    By the way, check out this blog that reminded me of yours. One-man effort, same as you:

  36. […] Tweets about this great post on TwittLink.com […]

  37. Tap Out says:

    Attention: Everyone take a CLOSE look at ‘theater’ drawn.

  38. Vivien says:

    Dude, you ROCK!!!!

  39. aqua yeda says:

    1. life threatening paper-cuts

    2.curse protecting ghost in ancestral palace…you don’t say!

    3.i’m udit narayan’s son….ah life makes sense again

    masterpieces! B-)

  40. ArpitS_BITSGoa_:) says:

    LOL Sahil ! AWESOME Dude! \m/ πŸ˜€

    I have my organic chem exam tomorrow :(.. but I just can’t stop reading ur articles =P! Especially the movie reviews! GOD-Like! _/\_
    Seriously telling all my mates here abt it =) …ya got urself atleast 1000 more fans pakka πŸ˜‰ =P

    Good Day! πŸ˜€

  41. TJRoshan_BITSGOa :) says:

    Luckily i have finished my exams!..n readin this is kinda the best celebration..
    just brilliant!

  42. Sriram says:

    After I read your review, I googled this movie and found the following review. All I can say is you are a bollywood drohi!!! See how the following review contradicts your’s. For example:

    “Vikram Bhatt’s β€˜Shaapit’ has a certain coherence and clarity generally denied to the horror genre”

    “The research on spirits and ghosts that underlines the story of a boy in love and his efforts to liberate his object of adoration from a 300-year-old family curse includes scholarly interpretations of witchcraft, sorcery and other spiritual know-how.” Spiritual know-how; I don’t even know WTF spiritual know-how means.

    Example of a double negative in the review: “While on one hand, you appreciate the trouble taken to transport the horror genre beyond pedestrian scares, the effort to add an academic dimension to the terror often hampers the free flow of the fear.”

    For further such know-how enhancing information on the movie please go to http://www.masala.com/19980-shaapit-movie-review.

  43. Spiritsdonthavenames says:

    Is this an actual movie? Or did you just make up the plot (?) out of thin air?

  44. Rahul says:

    Definitely the best India related website. You are a genius.

  45. kichoo Rafael says:

    hey Sahil….LOVEEEEE u

  46. Prithvi says:

    hey, the Mirror version is not half as much fun. Dont let them edit it or transpose it etc. or, just leave it as a web version, no print. the mirror one sucks.

  47. ifitelluiwillhavetokillu says:

    avieen – atleast in delhi lingo…
    pls pls pls post the next one

  48. AJ says:

    Amazing!!!!!!!!! Also, loved the stuff that you did on IPL for cricinfo.

  49. Harsha says:

    Dude you website rocks…
    Please watch more movies and post more comics… u can make this on old movies as well.
    Congrats on the Cricinfo contract … if there r any more such exclusive website to post for let me know.


  50. mj says:

    post post post

  51. mj says:

    post! post! post!
    please! please! please!

  52. Rahul G says:

    As usual, take a bow, dude!

    Love the effing awesome “half an hour later” panel. Hilarious!

    PS: When do we see more Memes? We want!!

  53. Hardik says:

    brilliant post as usual, dude!!

    keep ’em coming :)

  54. Somo says:

    Boss, kahan they aap ab tak? rocking! is a very mild word to define your stuff. rock on dude.
    Life totally makes sense after reading this.

    Reagrds, and hats off.

  55. your review always crack me up :)

  56. Poulomi says:

    Plz Plz Plz bring Prince and LSD. cant wait to see your take on them….. its been long since your last post. you are hilarious…..!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  57. Sugandha says:

    when’s the next one coming ??? hasn’t bollywood come up with anything for you to rip apart in the last 3 weeks ?? come on lazy bum Sahil, this is the hazard to having so many fans……..we are very demanding !!

  58. Sugandha says:

    ooooooooooh ooooooooooooooh do Prince !!! Pretty please !!!

  59. Sruti says:

    This was so funny! Im sure ur a fan of XKCD… :)

  60. Perx says:

    No female can haz marriage! awesome work man.. i’m still laughing

  61. nitisha says:

    wow great film ya i enjoyed it

  62. too good.. awesome.. I was roaring with laughter.. wow, some review.. I think Vikram Bhatt will be at HoRRIfied to read this review! Great Job!

  63. Vikram Naidu says:

    ” .. a helpful ghost who knows about every other ghost on the planet and is also into astronomy.. ” OMG! totally cracked me up.. πŸ˜€ you rock dude!

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