Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Prince

So yeah! Prince is, without question, the single-most bejesus kicking movie to come out this year! With about 10 minutes to go and our not of Persia protagonist trapped between life and death, some random dude comes out and, with scary conviction, declares, “Maine Uski Ankhon MaineΒ Laalach Ka Virus Scan Kar Liya Tha”. ’nuff said! You can’t mess with brilliance like that!


Rating 4.60 out of 5

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110 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Prince”

  1. Khamba says:

    Lol! Silicon spillage FTW!

  2. Aniruddha says:

    ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL SNAP……BOOBIE1 BOOBIE2…hahhahahahahahahahhahahahahah i knew this movie would be gay..was just waiting for this………

  3. village idiot says:

    awww..you die…don’t die!

  4. Rosh says:

    hahahaha .. totally awesome.

    yes, u raak

  5. Ramaa Ramesh says:

    Brilliance! Hahhahahahaha! πŸ˜€

  6. Mohini says:

    LOL!! Hahahah, now i regret not watching it at the One theatre in Manali. Daymn…!

  7. Pradyut says:

    “Totally worth it!” πŸ˜›

    That’s another 250 bucks saved! πŸ˜€

  8. A.v.Siddarth says:

    Cant…. control…. laughing….. will… die… like…. this… Akkkkkkk….

  9. Sameer says:

    3rd panel from end: SOOPER!! ROFLMAO!!!
    big fan already, bigger now!

  10. Harish Seshadri says:

    this is one kickass review… thanks dude… you kick asses really well man… you are the best vigilaunty or uncle for such bollywood idiots with brains made of wood… :)
    thanks again for this sooper review… had a hearty laugh… :)


  11. Sagar says:

    “Silicon Spillage” ROFL!

  12. Fahad says:


  13. ravisays says:

    My Gawd, u deserve the nobel peace prize for films…
    Keep rocking with da boobies, wish they could make more senseful movies. But then ur job is in danger…

    Shit cant expect both to happen. so stupid filmmakers keep doing crappy work so that we can all nominate you for the Bharat Ratna someday. Although I think that will be post-homourosly only πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  14. Vinay says:

    Buwahahahaha…that was brilliant

    Heres an idea… you should have made a “Aishwarya’s boys re-union” and made salman mock the shit out of “vivieek” ..that would have killed!

  15. shan says:

    lmao ..bindass man ! But weren’t there three boobies in the movie ? Or, the third lacked some silicone πŸ˜›

  16. Atrisa says:

    The pre-release articles say all the stunts were done by the actors themselves. Me thinks “Prince” should have perished then itself, maybe around the time he was trying to jump onto the moving van. It is a possibility that he was too hoping for the same.

    Crazy one, as usual :) Totally worth it, it is πŸ˜‰

  17. Manasi says:

    Leather pants make for quick getaways! Super cool πŸ˜€

  18. sangeeth says:

    you raak!!!

  19. aqua yeda says:

    identify with you bro…

    can’t wait to get a crack at it myself….

    title shuda been “the saga of d boobies” – by kookie

    roflmao πŸ˜›

  20. Uday Shankar says:

    Dude… I thought you were funny but now I realise its not true. You’re “Gawd” for being able to not just watch such “raaking” films but for having the mental strength to go through with, recollecting them here. I salute you. The Vigil Idoit deserves state honours.

  21. ROTFL literally….I haven’t seen Prince yet but will see it now :)

    Silicon spillage…that was some description…

    Thanks for adding me in FB.

  22. Kalyan says:

    I wasnt expecting any less.. neither from you nor the movie!
    This one came very close to Jaani-Dushman!

  23. ~j~ says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha… this is NOT the movie review. It’s THE movie. Watched it last weekend and laughed my guts out. Thankfully, no silicon spillage happened πŸ˜€

  24. Fultoo kickassery, yet again.

    The punchline, for me was actually the most potent in the second-to last frame, where the overloaded vigilante snaps.

    Take a bow. Can’t wait for your next one!

  25. Brilliant! Hahahaha! Loved “You were shot and on the run and you had time to do all that!”

  26. zaangd says:

    Awesome stuff. Waiting for more! At this rate, I wouldn’t even need to step inside a theatre :)

  27. @vkvraju says:

    Absolute awesomeness!! cheers, @vkvraju

  28. Anushree Swaup says:

    Gosh… seriously.. will go and watch a better movie..
    Not worth the first morning show (when the rates r the lowest)!!

  29. Wewake says:

    As usual – awesome!

    Incidentally, Birdemic – watch it yet?

  30. Indranil says:

    man o man!!!
    “a black tinted van with a 30 foot vacuum sticking out from up top… in a top-security area. Man, I’m subtle!” how ridiculous can it get!!!! *guffaw* *ROTFLMAO* euraak man! total fan! totally worth it! RIP! some subtlety!!! ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho he he he he ha ha ha ha!!!

  31. Alexxia says:

    ROTF – awesome, fantastic, great! You are a genius! Thank you!

  32. Amruta says:

    Jeez! These b**by babes are such a waste. Rotfl.

  33. Amruta says:

    Awesome stuff man! Please never stop writing. :)

  34. Hehe I was waiting for this day right since I saw the movie promo!

  35. param says:

    hahaha…..”keypadese language”….also loved the part about leather pants and boobies….man u r awesome,,,u save us loads of moneyXD

  36. Eliza Bennet says:

    This even surpassed Blue and Kurbaan. Thank you!

  37. Eliza Bennet says:

    I have got to add “Look Maa Bruno!!!” ROTFLMAO

  38. Sugandha says:

    Oh.My. GAWD !!! They STILL come up with crap like this in bollytown ? And actually have the audacity to call it “the return of Vivek (or however he spells his name now) Oberoi” !!! Who asked him to be back ?? I’m gonna kill that person !

    BTW, why does booby2 have squiggles on the boobies ??

    • shruti says:

      exactly what i was wondering too

    • sri says:

      maybe to differentiate booby 2 from booby 1 and 3 ? Huh, sahil? what else to expect in a “boob flick”

    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      Maybe this’ll help make things clear… =)


      • Maddy says:

        lol…ur good man!

        Was that part of ur research before you watched n penned the Movie review?! lol….

        Good review though…I definitely wanna watch this flick now! :-)

  39. Harry says:

    Just like Gerrard Butler would shout in 300

    *This is Madness …….. THIS IS BOLLYWOOD!!!*


  40. Siva says:

    I KNOW..I RAAK – ROFLMAO with the Gandhi encryption…

    this must truly be the epic-er than Drona!

    thanks for the #epicpwnage πŸ˜€

  41. ruchira says:

    this is mad…i have not watched a single movie since i came across dis website.
    total awesomeness man!
    keep em coming:))

  42. Rekha says:

    There are three booby traps in the movie right? What happened to the third boobie?

    Dude, you should review Salman Khan’s Wanted, the movie definitely deserves one =)

  43. Nabamalika says:

    I loooove how the protagonist remains the bloody same in every panel πŸ˜€ a subtle reference to the actor’s skills maybe? kudos, sahil!

    • Sammy25 says:

      It’s more like a glaring reference to Sahil’s drawing skills πŸ˜› but since it’s Vivek Oberoi we are talking about I’d agree with you.

  44. Anu Menon says:

    OMG OMG OMG my tummy… HELP!!!

  45. Kaavish says:

    With all due respect to your comic genius……funny as this comic is, its nowhere nearly as funny as actually suffering thru the blasted flick……the spiderman web thingy, the hammy face experssions……the silver handed wormtailesque villain….

    • Sugandha says:

      There was a wormtail-esque villian ?? AND a spiderman-esque web thingy ?? Come on Sahil, how could u leave those out ???

      Now I’ll have to actually see the darn thing !

  46. Sri says:

    I think you left out soooo much material that we demand you to do a sequel review for the same film…..There is so much material for you to work on!!!!

  47. Parikshit says:

    loved stony uber- ass πŸ˜€ .. u Raaak as usual vigilboy!!

  48. K says:


  49. ankit says:

    i raak! ROFL

    awesome sauce.

  50. abhi says:

    Its been two weeks since your last post … BUT TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT !!!

  51. mj says:

    dont die…. we need more reviews of more booby filled raaking thrillers tht bollywood turns out consistently.

  52. Ashish Thadani says:

    Good Lord!! Seriously?? 50 crores.. Kookie, do charity instead of making crap like this..

  53. Shruthi says:

    This is too funny. I was waiting for this strip. And please please don’t die, so much more brilliance needs to be rated.

  54. Shweta says:

    i didnt get the dog joke i n the third panel…..is it movie specific?

    • Rishabh says:

      I think I saw this on twitter – either Sahil’s dog or someone else’s dog was named Prince. Either way, he’s saying Prince is a dog’s name.

  55. preeta says:

    lol!!lol!! lol!! mind blowing..
    ever since i jhelofied that movie..i was dying to read your comic strip about it!
    u totally ‘raaked it’!!!

  56. Neetish says:

    For me the icing on the cake was the Phoonk 2 ad on sahil’s blog ………………… clearly mentioning that part 1 was a warning ha ha

    waiting for that one now

  57. Appoo says:

    That was AWESOMEEEE. =))
    N i hear this movie is earning bucks? 😐 Lord!
    Boobie1 and boobie2 ..hahaha….pureee awesomeness!!! =))
    Oh i hate the last panel…..come back from the dead!

    PS: @ Main ne uski aankhon mein laalach ka virus scan kar liya tha… *stabs herself*
    Vacate the grave n give it to me dude!!!

  58. Sambuddha says:

    This is one of your best.. 5/5. The best part was the ‘finding the gandhian locker in the post office’ joke. I am ever so thankful for subscribing to your comics.

  59. Ankush says:

    Waiting for Phoonk2. Expectations raised with this review. Totally raaking.

  60. Suchithra says:

    You know what!! That laalach ka dialogue was the one I found craziest, and I thought nobody would notice it!! Nice that it is right at the beginning of your post :) :)

  61. Vineet says:

    Mind blowing as usual!
    Viviek used to be a decent actor back in Saathiya/Company days. It seems Aish took all his sanity away!

  62. RJ says:

    THis was Fucking hillarious after Blue and LON Dreams !!
    Sahil dude.. all know u kickass.. nothin new in it !! but this was way too awesome than the kickassery u had earlier !!

    Its like Fuckin a virgin and makein her a slut in first fuck!! LOL
    ROFL… Shot scene was good and boobie 2 stick figure rocked !! πŸ˜€

    U RAAAK !!

  63. HA HA HA HA !! πŸ˜€
    This movie had more loop holes than the content in the story. πŸ˜› Another good idea wasted!
    BTW, nice sketchwork and dialogues. πŸ˜€

  64. Saumya says:

    Roflmao! Must drag this friend of mine to see this gem who I have to get back at for making me watch De Dana Dan. Didn’t know about this website. Stalking friends of friends on FB can be so rewarding. Duly bookmarked.

  65. Chittaranjan says:

    This is the KING of all the PRINCE reviews!

    And I was surprised you didn’t include the fact that Boobie 2 is shown to be alive at the end. They are frickin planning a franchise!!!! Maybe it’ll be called PRINCESS!

    How lame an acronym is IGRIP? And there are also websites for each character and even IGRIP itself has a website! *facepalm*

    And with all the dough spent on hi-tech gadgetry and CGI stunts, they used a noticeable body-double stuntman doing the wheelies in the “tere liye” song. Gah!

  66. Zaara says:

    LMAO @silicone spillage hahaha!

  67. Ali says:

    You raak! This movie has awesome levels of backchodi and dumbfuckery. Thanks! you saved me 200 bucks and 3 possibly 4 hrs of my life I could never get back. The best part of your review was the Gandhi locker….Prince would die not from the gun shot but the sheer monotony of filling out govt. forms!!! LMAO.

  68. Adnan says:

    BOURNE-JINI-MENTO STATE……………………….ROTFL………………….Absolutely super amazing……..

  69. Kookie says:

    I confess, I should have taken you into confidence before making this movie…this ones any day better than my version…

    • Kookie says:

      Will call you before i begin Prince 2- The return of the boobie mania!! i plan to have 4 goosie boobies this time with lots of kickassery, raaking action

  70. “And Who’re you now”, You meant Whore right? 😐

  71. Smith Garg says:

    I think you could have just put the original script and done with it.

    Explanations like:
    “Jaise software install karne ke baad computer ko re-start karna padta hain waise hi tumhari memory wipe karne ke baad tumhe so kar apne dimag ko re-start karna padega”

    just simply made by day.

    Whilst I was watching the movie, the whole audience was on the verge of laughing(yeah couldn’t think of a better expression).
    Then a girl in the front row laughed out. That was it!! Then the movie turned from action to an unintentional comedy, everybody was laughing at every other scene.

  72. Ayushi says:

    Hilarious, as usual. Also, you have totally spoiled me and my friends. Every time we watch a bad movie, the first thing we think is, I wonder if the comic will be up on vigilidiot?

    Btw, please please please draw Phoonk 2!

  73. Immediately on hearing the name of the film, canine allusions crowded the mind….

  74. Guy with the abs is you?

  75. Kanupriya says:

    Look, look! Kookie’s planning a sequel!


    • Whatever (Who cares!) says:

      “When we approached top actresses they all either said a straight no or begged off with a date excuse. They had no faith in the project. More importantly, none of them wanted to work with Vivek. ” how humiliating!!!!!!!

  76. Poulomi says:

    can you explain as to why do you die? are you retiring from reviewing movies?

  77. nishu says:

    woah! that one was amazing .. you really think abt plot line while u watch hindi movies. :)

  78. Hi says:

    last panel AWESOME

  79. […] and, with scary con […]     Sent to you by Siddharth via Google Reader:     Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Prince via The Vigil Idiot by Sahil Rizwan on […]

  80. Tall Chick says:

    This blog is, to quote today’s SMS-enabled teens, da bomb! Do you think you could rip into more Hollywood flicks too? Just so that they don’t feel superior.. =P

    PS: Marry me?

  81. Amit Julka says:

    dude….the most awesome ending ever!!!

  82. Raj says:

    LOL!! Awesome Cartoon.

    I also read this review.. Looks like he should read this cartoon..

  83. Anu Menon says:

    It’s 4 a.m n my hubby is sitting right next to me waorking while i went throught the whole post agggain! neways the loss of sleep is thanks to Phoonk2 – can u believe it??? Do one on it na vigil

  84. neeraj says:

    Movie is equally hilarious….

    Great work Vigil

  85. Kumar says:

    dude.. way too awesome, MF πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ .. i’d rather sit here n read ur reviews than go watch the damn thing.. lmfao (tears in eyes)..

  86. rome mele says:

    Bikini dance sequence b4 the brain hemorrhage’s deadline…So much for Love!

    You RAAK!! :)

  87. Hanso says:

    Thanks. now i HAVE to watch this movie.

  88. anuja says:

    OMG I Have got to see this movie NOW, even if it is the last thing I’ll ever see [as it will probably be]!

    LOVE your blog.

  89. Pallav says:

    “Gandhi in keypad-ese” , “I know! I Raak!”
    I gotta ask you though, how many times do you sit back and smile smugly at out own slyness ?

  90. Arun says:

    Legen-wait for it-dary!

  91. anwesha says:

    i didnt even know that there was such a movie in bollywood. i had to actually wiki it..

  92. Harley says:

    See you anon. Hope to meet you once again. Good luck to you!

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