Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Paathshala

Paathshala is an epic look at the state of our school system today. About how the commercialization of education will be the end of us and, separately, how reality TV shows exploit children for ratings. Well, at least that’s what I *think* they were going for. What the final product actually ended up looking like is a territory best left uncharted. Unfortunately, chart it, I did. And, this, for your consideration.


SUGGESTED READING – The man whose intelligence knows no limits… or punctuation marks. http://twitter.com/shahidkapoor

Rating 4.14 out of 5

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60 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Paathshala”

  1. Asha Tampa says:

    Smugman, indeed! Hehehehe! Maybe the abrupt ending was cos the folks are planning a sequel 😉

  2. Nabamalika says:

    Wait.. Wha…? What did it start with and wtf did it end with?! Absolutely hilarious, though.. great work, Sahil!

  3. Manasi says:

    Loved the cape 😀 Good work, this one! I’m still laughing

  4. aqua yeda says:

    they finally outdid prince….

    it’s shahid kapoor teaching english, n u care bout Sahil dying after Prince?


    • aqua yeda says:

      btw…lacking your edgy sarcasm….await your review on Apartment… 😉

      p.s.: no fodder in phoonk 2….u might wanna cnosider jus blowing over it…..

      ROFLMFAO 😀

  5. Advitiya says:

    My younger cousins picked this out last weekend. Being the elder sister I paid for and sat through this torture while a woman next to me sniffled and sighed!

    But this comic sorta made up for it. God bless you! :)

  6. Mohini says:

    lol. wow.. words fail me.

  7. Mohini says:

    btw, checked out The English Teachers Tweets, and YIKES! CRIKEY! Holy Chalk Dust.. someone stole all his punctuations. For real. And left him with a surplus of full-stops. A subtle suggestion, i think..

  8. Maybe says:

    Maybe having a cousin who is a much loved Lit Prof in one of the best colleges in Delhi qualifies him to play teacher teacher. Maybe that’s all research film-stars need for such roles. And isn’t there an actual chain of schools run by the RSS by the name Sarasvati Vidya Mandir? Jo bhi.

    As always Smugman saves the day and all is right with the world. 3 cheers for Hindi cinemah. F*** you Vigil Idiot. 😉

  9. Nishit says:

    Sholay reunion reference was a total bouncer this time around.

  10. dishoom says:

    And the majestic Ayesha Takia was just an eye-candy for mr. smug? Sadness!

  11. Sidh says:

    Good work… Cheers..!!

  12. Loved the cape. Awesome. :) But why no mention of Ayesha Takia?

  13. Tanya says:

    Vigil Idiot, unfortunately not your best, but I’m guessing you work with what you’re given! I guess, I’m just used to rolling on the floor stuff when it comes to your comics!

  14. pooh says:

    hahahahaha… hilarioussss…. \m/
    Mr.smugness!!! LOL
    N WHAT an ending man! Such a logical conclusion… never seen b4. Think Mr.Smugness got tired of all the good deeds n working non-stop for the noble intelligent kaam… so declared “The End” ……

    Btw, no mention of Mr.smugness’s Miss sunny smiles??? THAT short a role that Even you edited her out?? not a single panel! or is it something else?

    Oh …. I loved the puddle of tears around everyone…. LMAO. N da cape on him… superb!!!

  15. Kenneth says:

    Awesome comic!

  16. You rock dude! Amazin sarcasm…. Btw, can we guess you didnt have the patience to take up Ramu’s Rs 10 lac challenge regardin phoonk ? :) No reviews…….. anyway, waitin fr ‘apartment’…


  17. Neetish says:

    I actually watched it coz u didnt review it last week :(

  18. hehhe…funny as usual…
    Why do these people waste money making such rotten movies…?
    Waiting for your next review :)

  19. Arps says:

    is it a bird.. is it an airplane…. no..its SMUGMAN!!

    PS: the puddle of tears.. GENIUS!! still laughing!!

  20. Shruthi says:

    a) Shahid Kapur is Schizophrenic. He thinks he’s Shah Rukh Khan.
    b) I LOVE the cape :)
    c) I’m glad you’re not dead. Don’t die.
    d) Why us Ayesha Takia not in the scheme of things?

    Loving it! :)

  21. anshi says:

    Seriously worse than Prince! u missed that trustees and the principal to wear a uniform…an ill fitting jacket!

  22. Udayan says:

    Oh I love that last panel! Fabulous man!

  23. Sugandha says:

    Another piece of awesomeness !!! Though disappointed by no Ayesha Takia references…..I thought she’d be excellent fodder, considering her *ahem* assets….

    BTW, in the 7th panel from bottom, did u cut/paste the row of students to make it look like a crowded assembly ? NAd then, in the next panel, they disappear and we’re left with just one row !! And what’s with the shorty student in the middle ???!!!

  24. A.v.Siddarth says:

    nice one… again the last panel is gr8.. good work man…

  25. shravya says:

    whoa this was one of ur funniest reiviews!i luv shahid’s refernce as self-righteous smugman!totally rofl!!this thing has some good witty,spontanious/obvious quotes tht the movie shuld hav had.keep on writing reviews like this:)

  26. ajnabi says:

    Silence! Smugman has spoken!

    I think that may be my new all-purpose quote.

  27. Parikshit says:

    The only thing that kept me going till interval was how beautifully this will be stripped 😛 ( and 200 ka ticket :( )

  28. litterateuse says:

    You what will be intentionally funny? Watching the movie now with this review in mind – which is very much what I intend to do.

    The industry could seriously do with more critics like you, I say. Go get ’em!


  29. Siva says:


    epicpwnage..yet again! so, you died another death to make us laugh another time!

    am sure you’d get more people watching this strip than those who watched this dayyam movie 😛

  30. rs says:

    panel with everyone in the pool of their own tears – awesome :)

  31. Neeraj says:

    Sorry about my ignorance folks, but what’s Dayyam?

  32. Ankush says:

    another Raaking review; but who am i to say this. Smugman has already spoken :)

  33. Vidooshak says:

    The Sholay reference was a bouncer. I mean, you need someone from the Sholay-crew to really make that joke work, no? Unless I am missing something…

    Agree with RS: panel with everyone in the pool of their own tears – awesome

  34. Asha Tampa says:

    Came back to read this one a second time 😉
    Forgot to say this earlier – loved the panel with those pools. Tears, pee, who can tell? 😀

  35. Ava says:

    This year movies are going to vie with each other for best ‘worst ever’ award.

  36. Mariam says:

    :)) :))

    You have a gift Sahil!

  37. Barkha says:

    @ Ashs tampa: HAHAHHAHAHA…THIER OWN PEE???

    HAHAHA…… makes sense too………….!!!!

    btw i thought uw ere atlaking abt SRK the whole time!!! :-( Ignorant me :-(


  38. wanderlust says:

    update at regular intervals na… so that we have a fixed slot to wait for the next one :)

  39. really appreciate ur work….kinda inspirational….
    please take a look at my blog too

  40. Andy says:

    Hey sahil.. thanks for the hilarious review. Now “Housefull” awaited desperately… this movie deserve your review.

  41. blunt edges says:

    A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! freaking hilarious dude! 😀

  42. kaami says:

    Nice very good work:) Thanks for posting it. All cast of this movie is my favourite. Thanks again.

  43. Sugandha says:

    Still no new ones ???!!!!!!!! It’s been 3 weeks !!!! C’mon dude ! You can’t have a large following AND the luxury of skipping weeks……..we are very demanding, you know ! We need our weekly dose of Sahil humor to keep us going…….

    Housefull HAS to be the next one on your agenda !! It is BEYOND description !!

  44. Karishma says:

    Do ‘Badmaash Company’! Please please, pretty please! 😀

  45. wanderlust says:

    pliz do another review. my bheja’s rather fried and could do with some humour of your sort.

  46. PD says:

    nothing since 26/04?

  47. Gangatkar says:

    Where are you? Been coming back every single day for close to 3 weeks now!!!

  48. Sugandha says:

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude………….not cool. So many gems coming out in the recent weeks……Housefull, Badmaash Company…..and no squeak from you ???

  49. Manasa says:

    Please do a review for Kites…absolutely boring movie…wasted 3 hours ! Atleast reading ur review will make the experience less painful. :)

  50. Deepa Garimell says:

    Why aren’t we making fun of Kites??

  51. Leela says:

    Where have you disappeared? I’m eagerly waiting for the Kites strip!

  52. GR81 says:

    hohohoohh………the cape gets my vote……

  53. Pallav says:

    I love the way you leave a blank box for the moments when all logic is lost. Good work. Now, I want to see all those movies you ridiculed. Your reviews should come out in dailies. Maybe that’ll help draw the crowds.

  54. Call me Dil :) says:

    Can some1` pls explain the Sholay reunion thing?I am unable to get the sarcasm :(

  55. Ranjith says:

    Hahaha ..I am awesome like that ..haha …i feel like I have seen the whole movie

  56. Joshua Bauce says:

    Watch full videos no cost

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