Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Badmaash Company

This has probably been one of the biggest gaps seen between two posts since The Vigil Idiot went live a little under a year ago. What to do? I shall strive to not let it happen again. So without further ado, presenting Badmaash Company, for your consideration.

Download Here!

Rating 3.70 out of 5

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52 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Badmaash Company”

  1. Asha Tampa says:

    Waited for your strip, and when it dint come, saw the movie :-(
    I wonder when the directors are gonna realize chewing gum and blowing bubbles is yucky and downright stinks. Having seen the movie, I felt you should’ve bashed the characters some more. Loved the last couple of panels, though – looks like Shahid is headed the Viveik way 😐

  2. Sourjyo Das says:

    Awesomeness man. I hope I’m first.

    Anyways, you seem to have a thing for Shahid. Or Shahid seems to have a thing for acting in crappy movies.

    P.S. – I didn’t know MJ had soooo much of plastic surgery performed on him in 1995. Anyways who am i to judge. Also the scrip code for their company (JAZZ) was 4 letters long, while all scrip codes need to be 3 letters long. Research.

    • wapeye says:

      @s das: correction! NYSE allows 1 to 3 characters, so does AMEX. NASDAQ 4 or 5, though NASDAQ was operational 2002 onwards..haven’t seen the movie so dunno abt the time stamps too well 😐
      must be the geekiest reply on thevigilidiot…traders are a little weird that way

      all hail the stickfig hall-of-famer

  3. Nitin says:

    Not as good as some of the previous ones….

  4. Ayesha says:

    You forgot the 14 months to have a baby??!!

  5. Pawan says:

    Awesome man 😀
    I just saved myself a good 200 bucks!
    And a hilarious comic 😀

  6. Neetish says:

    Its official now, the reviews are even better after watching the movie

  7. kkcbobby says:

    Oh man!! This is an amazing piece of work, as usual.
    Sahil dude, I have been reading your posts since the first one, and have loved every one of them. I am not very much into the social networking thing, but I still do recommend your site to friends and family or anyone when there is a discussion on Hindi movies :)
    Keep up the good work amigo!

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  9. Gaurav says:

    Disappointing. The movie had lots more masala for u to use. This was almost a straight narration. Ofcourse thats how bad the movie was. But what abt the visa – what abt buying a house – getting a loan cleared for the house 4 times and bribing the bank manager each time. And so many more stupid things

  10. NKM says:

    Dude… you… God! 😀 … Great one, man!

  11. Siva says:

    Not quite as #epicpwnage as you usually do Sahil..i guess you did this one i a hurry or maybe it was too intolerable that you didn’t even see most of the movie..just the plot by itself seems to have too much to pwn about 😛

    this one was #epic “i have for no reason gone from a player to a sensitive, women-respecting, douche! because that’s what happens to single guys in vegas”….nevertheless, brilliant one 😎

  12. Roopa says:

    You’re usually better! This was funny nonetheless, and i’m definitely going to keep away from Badmash Company;)

  13. Sugandha says:

    Housefull, dude, please, I beg you !!!!

  14. Vinay says:

    Prince PWNAGE! at the end was awesome…am waiting for Raavan dude!

  15. RT says:

    yaaa..Y not HOUSEFULL!? and by the way, starting mein ‘without furthur adieu’…adieu means farewell/goodbye right, not delay? BTW…LOVVVED all the 4 characters’ description!

  16. A.v.Siddarth says:

    Nice dude.. real sweet… especially DUDE.MY.GOD panel… LOL
    No need to watch such movies coz,

  17. Atrisa says:

    Aww I wish I had seen this one! But that stands for every other movie that you’ve covered.

    Vir Das and DPS Noida FTW! Chinky eyes and bubble gum, too much 😀 I thought that bubble gum was her third boob, sort of like hangover from Prince.

    Will you come with me for the next one? Pliss 😛

  18. Anu Menon says:

    ROTFLMAO…. d chinky/japani n the bubble making bulbul heehee

  19. aquayeda says:

    loved d “you know me from indian idol etc….or maybe not” wale blank panels 😀

    roflmao 😀

  20. saurabh says:

    Dude.. I read all your reviews in a single sitting once I was recommended to your site by fakeiplplayer. Awesome. This one though is a bit sweet on the movie which still deserves some bashing.

  21. Mathai says:

    Ah! you’re back! I was beginning to get worried without my fix of Bollywood parodies :)

  22. Shruthi says:

    I was wondering when this would hit the stands. Thank you for the laughs :)

    P.S: Pls review Admissions Open.

  23. Hemanth says:

    Not as good as your other posts dude! Maybe you just wanted to get this done with? Prince owned big time. This…not so much.

  24. Nishara says:

    the best part were d last 4 panels or so..

  25. Anirban says:

    oddly enough…makes me wanna watch the movie…on TV. Good work nonetheless

  26. RT says:

    u corrected! u corrected! i saw! it was ‘adieu’ now its ‘ado’ 😉 shows u read the comments after all!

  27. wanderlust says:

    oh finallly a review!
    please please review Admissions Open.

  28. wanderlust says:

    i didn’t get the last panel awesomeness this time. put fundae.

  29. I wasted about a 700 bucks on this movie..we went to see it on a weekend :( You missed an important point, bulbul is pregnant in the end..and they settle down in america so easily..just like that.. and of course, they manage to raise loan on the same property over and over again..! The most irritating part was that shirt-new every time-u-wash part, it looked as though whole USA was wearing one uniform..too much to digest!

  30. paminder says:

    I had no intentions to watch the movie ,surprisingly u made it sound so intresting that i suddenly became interested in watching it…..must say -good work.
    hope to see more of it .

  31. rtrtrtrtrt says:

    Shahids made his 17th appearance..??!!!! …guess u have a fetish for him..:P
    As usual..Great Job..
    No more hiatus plz…keep em comin :)

  32. DuDo says:

    One word for you man – hilariousness!!!! i just stumbled upon your blog. its a cool and funny will surly follow you!!! :)

  33. Gautam says:

    ROFTL.. good one.. jus missed watching the movie,, God.. i realize I was saved !! Thank you so much !

    P.S KITES PLEASE.. I have not seen it, but the rushes have made me sure it will qualify for Vigil Idiotisms.. PLease Please Please KITESSSSS !

  34. aparna says:

    The viveik bit was awesome, but the movie deserved much better or worse. Can’t wait for kites. and how come housefull is missing. 😀 .

  35. PK says:

    Dude!! waiting for Kites.. i saw the movie.. but i am waiting for your review.. so that u can bajaofy the movie and we can atleast have a good laugh about the movie.. The movie has left a bad taste in our mouth and make our pockets lighter! :(

  36. Mariya says:

    Waiting for KITES!

  37. Ava says:

    Please do KITES

  38. Ava says:

    And dont forget to put teeth on Barbara Mori’s toon

  39. Pumba says:

    this was the best…loved the I’mmabe rhyming…:)

  40. raunak says:

    nice one dude. . .waiting for your kites review.. saw it already though . . big time disaster. . !

  41. Anshuman says:

    You have no right to not release any strip for so long. This shall not be tolerated. Look at the potential out on the screens and you will know what we are missing.

  42. PD says:

    It is wednesday now :(
    Didnt you watch any more movies?

    Kati Patang?

  43. Mann says:

    hey..u said u won’t take so long in more reviews…c’mon…v r waiting…

  44. Name (required) says:

    looks like you r still recovering from watching Kites … guess it must be hard on you, as you must be like … shit i need to rerun the movie in my thoughts to write it on blog

  45. Saumya says:

    You self-absorbed a**hole! You made me watched Kites. Whatever happened to the spirit of public service?

  46. Reewa says:

    waiting for your new movie comic …. still nothing

  47. Ax says:

    Sometimes, I just skip the movie and read your reviews..:) That’s how I know the stories of so many movies..:) You rule man!!:)

  48. 5id says:

    Awesome man!! I wanted to kill myself after watching me…but after reading this..i feel like i should watch every stupid and dumb movie and wait for you to come up with your comic…amazing stuff man..keep up the great work and spread the humor!@!

  49. sourabh says:

    nice one!!
    The movie is filled with anachronisms.
    In no way it looks like a pre 90’s period, in terms of clothes the characters wear, cars etc etc.
    The song “Tip Tip Barsa Pani” first came out in the movie Mohra in 1994…
    Indian directors give the least attention to details and more to BS.
    Keep up the good work.

  50. Great material – Many thanks for publishing that advice, I believe that it mostly answers my concern.

  51. fan says:

    “melodramatic soundtrack store”..ftw!

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