Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Anjaana Anjaani

So, Anjaana Anjaani is a simple love story… About a boy and a girl… Who want to kill themselves… But keep doing fail… So in the end they hook up.

Least fucked up relationship. ever.


Rating 4.42 out of 5

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125 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Anjaana Anjaani”

  1. PS says:

    Not your usual best but after all how can you milk a cow for somalia ? πŸ˜‰

  2. Saumya says:

    Whatay louly! This strip rerouted my midday tea to my nose. It’s been a long time since I read anything this funny. Thanks a lot.

  3. BollywoodGandu says:

    Not only did I pee myself laughing, I think I left a skid mark. HAHAHAH!

  4. Mansi says:

    “Douchebaggery”!! Epic! You hit the nail on the head…LMAO!

  5. Asha Tampa says:

    Sheer disappointment! Why, Ranbir, why?! :'(

  6. jkd says:

    YESSSSSS>…! The Riz-man is back..! All is 4given, my louly! :-)) Now get ur butt on the job and do DABANNNGGGGG!

  7. jkd says:

    YESSSSSS>…! The Riz-man is back..! All is 4given, my louly! :-)) Now get on the job and do DABANNNGGGGG!

  8. ROTFL.

    And She’s Indian.
    Cost guard who is Indian.
    Doctor who is Indian.

    Wouldn’t it have been easier if the film was just set up in India!
    *bangs head.

    My mistake. Sorry. Here I was thinking that LOGIC actually had a part to play in bolly flicks.

  9. You just got yourself a fan. Awesome work. The bad part is that after reading this, I actually want to watch the movie now to see for myself how it could suck so badly. Even after reading all the negative reviews. “Ain’t no thang, dawg!” is the best touch :)

  10. Purnima says:

    Alas, this epic review came too late for me. Saw it already. BUT did you notice that the desi Coastguard buddha is the buddha from Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums?

  11. Tanushree says:

    Thank you for this !!!
    Clearly the name of the movie was the disclaimer.
    Gosh bolly movies will sell better as comic strips.

  12. hki says:

    The dolts had enough dough to party in vegas…y not buy a gun on the NY streets n shoot themselves…better yet, where is the jackass who wrote the script, he needs to be shot first…what a crappy waste of money..cha, Ranbir this is utterly disappointing :(

  13. Atrisa says:

    And thus we have redeemed ourselves. My uncomfortably shifting in the hall seat paid off.

  14. Kalyan says:

    Better late than never. Thank god havent watched it & after your review, will not do it.
    How I wish, movies were half as good as your reviews. Their bad!

  15. Anwesita says:

    I loveeeeeeeeeeee “low fat black coffeee”
    harharharharrrrrrrr :D:D

  16. Anona says:

    Not your best, but atleast you are back =D I think rabir was from india only in the movie. Yes I saw it in theater =(

  17. freaking awesome! haha, I love it.

  18. Arun says:

    Now do one for Robot.

  19. haha..surely not worth the watch..thanks for the warning.

  20. Kanksha says:

    OMG awesome awesome πŸ˜€

    I can’t believe anybody with an intention to kill themselves would first move to a new city, get an apartment etc. etc. What in the world were the scriptwriters thinking?? πŸ˜›

    Also, who are those two people in the last few panels who shoot themselves?

    • Dev Chand says:

      Well, Sahil actually twisted things a bit and got it wrong. The female character actually wanted to live a life of her own, without her fiancee or father’s help. But she failed in that. She mentions this while being stuck in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
      And the two coastguards killing themselves is just sarcasm. It is Sahil’s way of saying that this movie was boring to him, and it should have finished in 10 minutes because of the poor direction and scripting….
      I think it was bad, but not all that bad as shown here..

  21. Ann says:

    Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot.
    Seriously, a Rajni sighting shouldn’t be missed. Should check out his last Shivaji, I swear after Mithun’s Gunda, that’s the most unintentionally funny, must watch Hindi flick.

  22. Good one…though not in the league of some of the earlier Stick figures , particularly of the We are Family fame…
    Good to have you back…and good decision not to review Dabangg or Robo….some things are just too awesome I guess….

  23. Anonymous says:

    Sahil I’m your fan and everything, but you just don’t play with sheer awesomeness. Stay away from Robot.

  24. Princess says:

    Haha. Too good. You shld have also included that dialogue P Chopra says in the promo ( I am not foolish to go see the movie ) – Main tumhe aphni drink khyuu khureedne dhuun – Yup, thats the way she says it… cos she is trying hard to look cool…. Instead of that, she shld just try to join diction classes asap/

    And, since this post is awesome, I am also sharing it on fb :)

  25. Kumar says:

    LOL.. kickass dude.. back from your sabbatical i presume??

    she’s indian
    coastguard, who’s indian
    doctor who is indian..

    ‘italian whorishly named kiara’.. LMAO

  26. Bunty says:

    Awesome! But didn’t get the last 4 frames? It surely wasn’t u in there killing yourself. And honestly, you think anyone (including cast and crew of this crapshit) is gonna buy the DVD?

  27. Shruthi says:

    (LMFAO at the “who is Indian” bits)

    One watcher told me “Go watch Anjaana/Anjaani, Priyanka Chopra is so hawt”. Suffice to say, I’m not watching this. No stomach to stomach Ranbir Kapoor AND Priyanka Chopra in the same frame, let alone one entire film…

  28. Neetish says:

    Whattay ….you make us want to watch these movies

  29. aarkayne says:

    Not your usual zing in this one Sahil, but what the…..still a fan!

    yeah, apun ka farmaish…do ROBOT now! In animation πŸ˜‰

  30. ssdxb says:

    :) I have not watched the movie yet! And was kinda looking forward to! But u just killed it for me! :)
    Lil confused by the ending though, they kill themselves???WTF!!

  31. Amod says:

    Also, the Sept ’08 market crash happened in Dec in this movie πŸ˜›

    Bout the “Zayed Khan affair and giving the landline no…plus PC moving to NY, setting up a life and then suicide…”…sheer genius to catch that…bows down…

  32. Nadeem says:

    Sheer brilliance!
    Sharing it on Fb. :)

  33. Amod says:

    And ya…the scene where Ranbir gets hit by a car on the bridge…clearly showing the car hitting his LEGS…and once conscious, RK boy has a injury on the head and his legs are puuuurrrrfectly fine…

  34. tuls18 says:

    haha.. mreover from new york to vegas.. its damn freakin atleast 3 days of continous drive covering 2500 miles…what about the fuel cost.. now they have money for even that.. i havent watched the movie. but m sure.. they must have arrived as neat as they had left…. πŸ˜€ good job sahil..

  35. Surabhi says:

    Thank you for saving me a trip to the multiplex!!!

  36. Flyboy says:

    This movie is officially the worst movie i have ever seen…

    Every character is Indian except the new york cabbie????

    I think ranbir’s character was actually gay..and what was with the whole salman khan thing of taking off his shirt???

    Not to mention..the crappiest script ever written..with some 20 gazzillion songs…and somebody actually gave it 1 1/2 stars…

  37. Sherie says:

    Dude..you got some serious talent! Love the part about all random people being “Indian” in the USA and the EPIC use of the word ” Douchebaggery”!! I laughed my head off reading this at work!

  38. dfgdsd says:

    a movie has its flaws ..thats what makes it beautiful..you dont fucking look like brad pitt …do you.. u have your own flaws..but thats what makes u likeable..so live with it and continue your good work

  39. himsini says:

    Whatay Louly! LOL

  40. Anu Menon says:

    plee ple ple ple pleeeee…
    what i say ya – im not going to shoot meself if i’m gonna meet those two up there πŸ˜€
    oh god up abowe plzz to blezzz this sahil

  41. M S says:

    movies are zuch a waste of time. upon that..u observe them zo clozely and u actually got so much time to illustrate it through comic strips to show u r funny as hell. ppl r like herd who wud gaze for fun here today and somewhere else tomorrow. they wud still watch the movie and like it and come down to ur site and enjoy the criticizm of the same movie. wht we lack is a common decision to decide for ourslf wht do we actually like? what we like or wht others want us to like. i m not telling u r forcing ppl to copy what u like upon wht they might otherwise like. bottomline, movies r zuch a waste of time. upon that…. i have a lot to say but ther is a bad smell comming frm somewhere. ciao

    • M S says:

      and i havnt watched this movie and do not intent to watch it either. coz…u kno the drill; movies are zuch a waste of time.

  42. Citius says:

    The movie was annoyingly watchable (for wannabe head bangers :P)…hollywood inspired adventure+romance crap. So the filmaker tries smthin hatke, first of them being the Anjani’s name – Kiara/Ciara, and then the lately usual gay comic (shit) moments tested with cute/long faced Ranbir,and Indians everywhr in NY+SF+middle of the ocean+hospital+…oh and the movie title of course.
    Mr. Sahil, wherever in heaven/hell u are now (rip), wish I had come across this post of urs before I’d seen A.A. (SIGH!)

  43. serendipits says:

    would you believe this shit is “inspid-ired” from a hollywood flick called “the bucketlist” – and *that* was not a “lou story”


    • Asha Tampa says:

      Serendipits, thanks! Looks like it IS a rip-off, and a horrible one at that!
      Maybe, just maybe, those two men in the last few frames in Sahil’s review were Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson πŸ˜‰

  44. Parikshit says:

    good to have u back man!! but in the meanwhile u got competition… seems some guy Shanker has copied ur concept and made a movie outa it :O .

  45. wanderlust says:

    a year in the US later, im not surprised at all those indians in the movie. bay area has a telugu radio station for godsake!
    but the indians there wont speak in hindi, not even the bollywood sort. they are all americanized, and speak hindi like Naveen Andrews, or worse.

  46. Kailas says:

    If only the script writer(s) and the producers read this, they *will* commit suicide, albeit successfully.

    I escaped seeing this movie, so I guess God does exist.

    oh, btw, well written and sketched.

  47. Not as good as your usual write up. I am a huge Fan but I think this one’s not as good as the previous strips ! None the less keep up the good work.

  48. I love my pet dawg “Bruno” he is Choo Chweet !

  49. Tanuj says:

    Hey Sahil , very innovative penning of movie reviews … is there a positivity around your reviews in any of the posts … asking out of curiosity?

    AA was absolute thrash tough!! :)

    Do visit my blog and give your invaluable feedback….



  50. Meha says:

    They die in the end? Shats ho gaya yaar yeh toh! Happy ending, though.

  51. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Sheesh! Did no one get the last couple of panels? So much for coherence. If it helps, the actual movie ends with the ‘Whatay louly’ panel.

    Yanyway, thank you, beautiful people! You’re a lovely audience! =D

  52. Watay Louly!! Man those last 3 frames here made my day!!

    Oh and btw…mixed feelings about Dabaang. While i so want to see you do it…i mean do with it…what you do with most such movies that is; i must say i rather enjoyed the movie. And enjoyed it for one and only one reason. They dont have a story…like a lot of other movies..BUT…they dont pretend to have one too!

    Its like NO. We do NOT have a story. And we’re still gonna gross more than that other khan for all his meaningful stuff!

  53. Abhijeet says:

    Lovely ending! So much for taxing their brains (and ours) for random ways of suicide.

  54. Deepti says:

    Awesome….Crook was funny too. I came to know about this site just today and its super funny.

  55. Abdallah says:

    Roflmao!!! wasted 150 rupees on this shitload of crap…slept almost for half of the movie…

  56. Surabhi says:

    So are you gonna write a review for Dabangg or no??

  57. True Movie Lover says:


  58. anonymous says:

    Ha ha ha.. now *thats* brilliant!

  59. Aurry says:

    @True Movie Lover: Hahahahahahaha… *dies*

    Sorry Sahil, this comment just mananged to overshadow your sheer awesomeness!

    Terrorist… Hee Hee.

  60. calsy says:

    You are a terrorist? OMGoodness! who did u terrify now?

  61. Kartik Date says:

    Terrorists win :)

  62. nisheeth baluni says:

    Awesome, very funny…great artistic talent.

  63. […] Movie Review: Anjaana Anjaani | The Vigil Idiot. […]

  64. Sadaf Siddiqui says:


    Haha! a new parameter to judge patriotism. We shall soon have over a billion movies. lol #EpicDouchebaggery

    Anyhoo, nice work Sahil. Keep it up. :]

  65. Gurman says:

    Without a doubt, according to me, your best piece of work.
    There was not one frame i didn’t lmao on!! I almost choked on air man!!! πŸ˜€
    Thnx a ton for the entertainment!!!

  66. Bharat says:

    it was like watching the whole movie again and cursing the storywriter again with the same comments only this time in 2D. lol funny stuff

  67. Minerva says:

    I don’t know whether to love this or hate this. You’ve ruined yet another film for me.


    Not that I’m complaining. Laughs are worth it!

  68. true movie lover-NOT says:

    I love!!! Let’s marry- with my beauty and your brains we will have super awesome kids!

  69. LuckyVin says:

    AA was a waste of time and money! A completely worthless piece of crap! I really liked the comic strip you have made of the movie.
    Bollywood love stories are so predictable and unrealistic! Plus there are people who think all of that is real and try living their lives accordingly. How can things get more pathetic??!

    Good job Sahil!!! :)

  70. Hayaah says:

    This was mad funny!

    Thank you Maria, for sharing this link!

    Im gonna pass it along some…

  71. Anjana says:

    Whatay Louly. ROFL. Im back after a long time and Im glad. U go man ! :)

  72. Ray says:

    Awesome work dude. This movie deserves all the bashing it gets. I want my 3 hours back.

  73. Dev Chand says:

    Well Sahil, I have followed your comic strips. They are funny and enjoyable, in a exaggerated way.
    However, I wonder, do you actually show anything positive about the movies you review, or do you simply spoof and criticize them?
    I think that this movie wasn’t that bad. It had a few good things, like showing not to give up on life, and some real intentionally funny moments. Just my opinion, anyway.
    And, you haven’t replied to my message yet..

  74. tanya says:

    Whatay louly..
    Plz do Ra.one!!!!

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