Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Kajraare

For those not in the know, Kajraare is a little known Himesh Reshammiya film that barely came to and promptly left the screens a couple months ago. So I was sitting with my friends watching the telly the other week. And in the random browsing of the Tata Sky program guide, what were  we to come across but a listing for Kajraare in one of their pay-per-view movie channels. And pay we did! And lemme tell you, my children… Best 50 bucks we ever spent!


Rating 4.81 out of 5

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76 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Kajraare”

  1. Asha Tampa says:

    Awesome. Made my day, yo!

    “I am kickass like that.” ROFL!!!! =))

  2. PS says:

    Back with a bang.
    The only missing thing was HR’s bare chest :0

  3. Kartikay says:

    This is GOD-LEVEL! Thank you for saving the world from movie-doom!

  4. TheShyamTK says:

    nice one, not the first reviw though…
    had watched this movie about a month ago..

  5. Bharat says:

    this was very very good…..redeemed urself…..i was laughing hard….

  6. Sid says:

    really cool man.. especially the aaaanyyywaaaysssss part.. nice work man..

  7. Rishabh says:

    This sounds seriously effed up. Glad I haven’t heard of it, because then I’d have to forget it.

  8. Bijith says:

    When we see that movies like this made…. what was on the minds of the producers…
    Well, you will never get run out of stock looking at the movies to release this new year !!!

  9. Aman says:

    “Sepiannarationnery” !! 😀 #score! Damn you’re good!

  10. abrain says:

    hahaha… hillarious
    “i am kickass like that” hahah :)

  11. Hahhaa brilliant storyline!
    HR should just fade into oblivion.

  12. Udayan says:

    love the sepianarrationery…!!!

  13. saha says:

    pimptastic fun n frolic, aannnyway, sepianarrationary…!! awesome!!

  14. Saurabh says:

    “No lemme leave! I have to go buy the woman I love!” This is freaking awesome dude!

  15. Zainab says:

    ‘Everybody be cool, this is a hijack’ did it for me! ROFL.
    Glad to see you’re back in form. Or is the movie? 😉

  16. Pooja says:

    Bwahahahah ! too cool Mr Riz!! your genuine badassery, the movie just helped more!
    i am kickass like that only!! awesomenessss

  17. aarkayne says:

    oh…didnt realise this was an HR film…where are the digs on his anal singing dude :-) ?

  18. Avi says:

    I dont know whether i should call it my good luck or coincidence but I saw this crap yesterday night only online and I was completely able to empathise with Bhushan Kumar as to why he decided not to release this film.
    And this review, as always, kickass man !!! Keep ’em coming. Do one for Harry Potter 7 too … plzzzzz….

    • Vidooshak says:

      Yes yes yes, please do harry Potter 7. Pleeeeeease!

      And this was old-style funny. Made me want to watch it just to enjoy the sepiannarationary. Hehehe

      PS: Saw you get 15inches of fame in some newspaper today with regard to the Ghanta awards. If anyone is qualified to bestow Indian Razzies, you are, my friend :-)

  19. Nair says:

    This can’t be true, can it? I mean, this has to be a product of your imagination, right? No way shit like this gets made…

  20. So, is this best 50 bucks you’ve ever spent on?!

  21. Vikas says:

    I had heard abt this movie but had decided to ignore it, but after seeing this review, I want to see the movie! This review made my day! You are kickass like that 😀

  22. abhishek says:

    genius Mr Riz. I almost died laughing

  23. SaverDawn says:

    Too funny! Love it! But there’s no ‘The’ before Scotland Yard 😉

  24. vikram says:

    you’ve unearthed a gem sahil…… i’ve decided to buy the dvd now…..

  25. Aruna George says:

    Good stuff!

    You’re super funny! :)

  26. SmokerJoe says:

    wow.. where did you get to watch this one?

    did you miss rakta charitra?

    here is my take http://gauravt168.blogspot.com/2010/11/vampire-diaries.html

  27. mahesh says:

    Awesome stuff dude!

    “I am kickass like that” ROFL!

  28. arjunKR says:

    nice one buddy…..but the film should have released everywhere,movie is ok my rating 3/5…….music is simply superb,you missed songs in your review ROFL 😀 😀

  29. cass22 says:

    Does the director of this film know anything about “Alan Smithee”…?

  30. Priya says:

    “i am kickass like that”… superb!!! 😀

  31. mayank says:

    Super stuff Riz, this movie was made for you to write this review !

  32. Atrisa says:

    Your vocal narration is as interesting as the post btw 😛

  33. Joseph Ducreaux says:

    You could almost replace Himes-bhai with apna desi 1337-h4x0rz Ankit-bhai fadia.

    I mean, it’s not everyday that a nation is blessed with a h4x0r so stealthy that neither GOI nor Pentagon acknowledges his help, although he, himself, would make a point to highlight it in his every fucking seminar / talk.

  34. A G says:

    Great work again man – totally holarious, keeps getting better.

    Just one tip for the look and feel – on the main site page keep the comic short and keep a contd… link or a “Hit the jump for the full comic” to see the entire comic. That way someone doesnt need to scroll down a long way to see the older posts.

  35. Jamuna says:

    from what I’ve heard about the movie… I’m now waiting for your strip on Tees Maar Khan

  36. ism says:

    Skip to end ?

    Skip to end !

    hahahahahahahaha ..

  37. Andy says:

    “Where is my money biatch”…ROFL…..epic stuff….oh oh and i love your stuff at cricinfo too…..good stuff mate

  38. Parul V mehta says:

    So funny…

  39. Pranay says:

    Great stuff.. laced with sarcasm…
    I think you come up with strips for films that take themselves far more seriously than they actually deserve..
    In that respect, I am not expecting a Tees Maar Khan strip from you.. No matter what Farah Khan might be, she certainly isnt pretentious..

  40. Hazel says:


  41. Wrizvi says:

    Hahahahah… cant stop laughing …. Funny .. :))

  42. Pranay says:

    c’mon Sahil dude, waiting for your next masterpiece..
    Its been a long gap already

  43. Prayag says:

    Where the hell are you man? Am bored!

  44. Trauma Queen says:

    Simply superb! I also love to rave about Himesh on my blog. hee hee hee


  45. mudesh says:

    “wow so to escape jihadi terrorists u moved from London to the middle east? Genius?” LMAO

    Funniesm at it’s best.U rock maan

  46. ElMariachi says:

    The silent frames in between rock more than the talking ones…..lol

  47. Ashi says:

    when is a new spoof going to be out? 😐 i knw tees maar khan is a spoof in its own existence, but hello. yamla pagla? turning 30? (yes. u *have* to watch it, for the sake of our entertainment =P)
    dhobi ghat must be ranted on.
    is anyone even reading these comments, Sahil?

  48. Ispeak says:

    Love your movie reviews! Will you be doing one on Dhobi Ghat. I know, i know, its meant to be a terribly intelligent movie – so I’m stupid. Sue me!

  49. Rachna says:

    hehehehehehe. totally awesome. makes me almost want to watch the movie so that I can go through your review again 😀

  50. xyz says:

    Are you still alive? Please have mercy on us and bring the next review……..

    Rescue me from my Boredom….

  51. Vidooshak says:

    Probably the longest we have gone without a spoof from you. Trust all is well?

  52. Abhishek says:

    Update the blog. Probably its not a good idea to go through kajraare comic more then 50 times.

  53. Jigar says:

    How about review for Robot. BTW amazing stuff. You are on my reader list now. Looking forward to some more fun.

  54. Anu Menon says:

    i hope you’re planning on publishing a book soon :)

  55. CrazyFauji says:

    And the girl didn’t take off her burqa the whole tyme..?… what’s wid dat..?… but seriously…. gotta give the writer of d movie an award for originality. I mean, no way THIS could have been copied from any hollywood movie……:D….
    Pimpastic fun day with the pimp and the floozies….ROFL…..:D….

  56. Siddharth says:

    This was mad good!

  57. Shivani says:

    I kinda saw on etc movie news that this movie sold only 66 tickets…!!

    Even that is overestimating the movies abilty to draw viewers….!!

  58. keka says:

    fantastic! loved this one! (i am almost tempted to watch the movie now :-P)

  59. June Biswa says:

    OMG wat a movie… What a story… EPIC! Thanks for making this kickass like that comic strip.

  60. Gypsiee says:

    Awesome cool!!

  61. Ajay says:

    WOW.. Seriously funny.. Loved reading it and LMAO.

  62. Shine Raj says:

    If they released this stick fig version of Kajraare, It would have been a big hit.

  63. Ruchin says:

    “Why did you kill my bro, bro?” That’s so killer bro :) hilarious

  64. tanya says:

    you have no idea how much pain i am in…
    cant even twitch a lip …boss right in front..
    brilliant shit man…

  65. A says:

    omg!! u r having so much time to take a dig at someone….go and do ur job rather than posting cheap and crap jokes:P

  66. Kentro says:

    I agree with you

  67. Rally nice concept & dialogue…stories Thanks for share….

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