Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Tanu Weds Manu

Tanu Weds Manu was supposed to be your typical nice guy meets rebellious girl Rom-Com. But as we’ve painfully come to learn, nothing about a Kangana Ranaut-based-anything is typical. Nothing.

This review was first published on CNNGo.

Rating 3.74 out of 5

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49 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Tanu Weds Manu”

  1. Akshat Joshi says:

    Good one Sahil. Super like the “okay. fuck. me.” panel.

  2. Asha Tampa says:

    Not one of your best works, Sahil! :-(

  3. Sapna says:

    Nice one! Esp liked the proof part …

  4. Sanjay says:

    Pathetic attempt considering the gems u published earlier. You r losing out on ur humor buddy. BTW Tanu weds Manu is one of the better movies. Spoof on it. Dont do sth just for the heck of doing.
    “Game” would hv been a phenomenal candidate for ur columns :).

  5. SansSanity says:

    I haven’t seen the movie, and don’t plan to either.. but.. “I already have a boyfriend whose name I have tattoed on my BOOBIES??!!” wow, stereotype much.

    Nice job as usual Sahil, thanks for continuing to help us save money by not watching crap

  6. Wassup? says:

    Tired Sahil of the same stuff over and over again? It shows!

  7. Akshaya says:

    Love.it. Baby cat. LOL. The best panels are the empty ones.

  8. Vishal says:

    U can do it better Sahil….

    So wats next FALTU or GAME ???

  9. Eliza Bennet says:

    I was expecting Game – this one is OK, certainly not your best work.

  10. Uma says:

    Hey Sahil,

    Have been a big fan of your website for the longest time. And its really great to see the kind of recognition you’ve gotten for your undoubtedly superb talent through this site… its awesome!! So super congratulations on that!

    But don’t make a mockery out of your website because you’ve moved on to bigger, better things. If your heart is not in it (or you’re not getting the time) then don’t do it. But for regulars like us to visit your site and see half-hearted post attempts and rude / disinterested comments is a bigger disappointment than not seeing anything at all.

    That’s my only 2 bits.

    All the best,

    An erstwhile fan

    • aralyah says:

      I agree with Uma.. sahil your heart seems to be at some place else..

    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      Criticism noted and accepted. But ayyo, please don’t take my sucking so personally. It’s not like I’m doing it on purpose, no? Hehe, maybe I do, well… suck. It’s not a personal vendetta against you, dear erstwhile reader. =)

      • Uma says:

        Hahaha… nothing personal about it at all Sahil! Just an observation.

        And when you like something a lot (ref. your work and website here), it is kinda disappointing when its not upto its usual standards… thats all!!

  11. aarkayne says:

    sahil paape….kya ho raha hai….tera fundoo touch is a tad gone missing….maybe the movies are not inspiring you enough with their sheer crappiness, yeah 😉 ?

  12. Pallavi says:

    Excellent!! I specially loved the “synonym for baby cat” line.

    Ever wonder why the majority of movies involving a wedding seem to hover only around Punjab?( No offense to any North Indians).If an alien watched our movies,it would come to the conclusion that India is made up of Punjab and Mumbai (no offense to any ppl from Mumbai either). Are the rest of the states on vacation? Or only referred to in cuisines? What is wrong with the filmmakers?

  13. Sitaji says:

    You know I really enjoyed Tanu Weds Manu, but leave it to you to point out how lame that is for me to do, and I thank you for it. :) I have to disagree with some of the comments here on that this isn’t your best work. Obviously they did NOT see the subtly with which you crafted your retelling of the movie , particularly in the wedding scene where Manu grows a pair. Also, your Manu is a very good likeness to Madhavan. Well done. My only criticism is that you failed to include the bride candidate with the hand problem. All the best!

  14. Subha says:

    Kudos to your creativity! I enjoy your work esp that part of it where the caricatures don’t say a thing!
    i am from AP and how I wish you knew Telugu. Tollywood has so much of fodder for the vigil idiot and would have delighted us even more with the scathing reviews!:)

  15. bhavan says:


    Tera to ho gaya, aab mera kya hoga?…..what no good songs or was it part of what you called “shenanigans”?

  16. Stuart says:

    I *LIKED* TWM, but still enjoyed most of this, especially the frame about his kissing & photographing her unconscious, and the way you highlighted his OTT “nice”ness. I look forward to seeing what you do with a steaming pile of turd like the upcoming Thank You

  17. Vicky says:

    One mistake here (considering your attention to detail or lack of it while doing this review) : They went to Vaishno Devi not Haridwar for finalizing the marriage. This kinda shows the half halfheartedness, you put in the review.

    For all those who enjoyed the movie….well first we had doormat kind regressive wife movies. This movie takes regressive movies to a new level. That is just low shit.For once Bollywood should stop making regressive movies – every one of them. Then the ending was super bad…specially the thing about Mondays and what not (it is kinda surprising that highlight of the movie dint make it into the review)

  18. aditya says:

    Sorry Sahil but you kinda suck now. Same reason why i unfollowed you on twitter too.

  19. Ajo Paul says:

    I don’t, but may be since I had seen this movie , I felt as though I was reading a review. Infact, TWM is a nice movie.

  20. Akshay says:

    You have just used your first lifeline, Sahil!

    Shall wait for the next blockbuster from you. :)

    All the best!

  21. Mann says:

    Hey Sahil,

    I’m sorry but I agree with most of the reviews here. Not one of your best works and it somehow shows your lack of interest dude.
    But I still won’t stop visiting your site. Waiting for the next review with a BANG!!

  22. Meha says:

    I like. As usual.

  23. hemant says:

    Spot on dude. Especially the loser part. Basically the movie says that men should end up being doormats with no self respect to win their love. That is the most stupid argument for being nice I have ever read.

    In reality people get rejected for not having self-respect.

  24. Fuzzy Logic says:

    Saahil, Make one for FALTU!

    It was so bad that I felt I watched a four hour movie, even though it was just two hour!

  25. laju says:

    “oh you synonym for baby cat” :) i enjoyed this.

  26. Sam says:

    Jeez , Buddy ! This is the only one of yours I couldn’t get through cuz. it wasn’t making me laugh. Maybe a function of the movie being not that bad !

  27. Rohit says:

    Hey buddy sahil , things are getting repetitive …. no more funny

  28. mayank says:

    liked it. Havent seen the movie so miss the subtle humor but loved the empty panels!

  29. Sanjay says:

    Bollywood is trying to emasculate the Indian male since a long time. Ugly aur pugly and now this movie.

  30. nvneeta says:

    “testustrrone!” the moment she pronounced it i thought of you! but considering the characters, kangna, the plot and kangna, i was expecting something better! do something and get back the sahil who made us cry with laughter.

  31. Shivani says:

    I could tell from the ad it was gonna be really bad…it just seemed like a total rip off of Jab we met…!!

  32. RamonaFlowers says:

    The problem with this strip is, the movie already points out the stuff you pointed out here, like how slutty and selfish Tanu is (her friend lectures her), what a loser Manu is (everyone around him realises that, except for his stupid dad who commends him for it). So yeah, this one sucks but happens! Love the other strips.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I love the way the guy sprouted balls in the three panels. :) I hated this movie and considered it a total waste of my time save the Bihari girl friend. Loved your review. As for the people talking about you losing your mojo, I just started following you and haven’t gone through your earlier works yet to compare with. I still love your work.

    • Priya says:

      heehee.. I was just about to point out the ball (it seems singular. maybe he gifted her one?) in the three panels.

      Hey Sahil,

      I keep re-reading your posts every time I’m need of a good laugh (which is fairly often). And I’m never disappointed. I don’t get why so many claim this review isn’t your best. It is totally hilarious!

      (psst: BTW, as much as I love your work and all, if I *ever* find a film I’ve written here (future tense, nothing has been made yet) you might be left with only one ball too. Really. I’m serious.)

  34. neha says:

    I *LIKED* TWM, but still enjoyed most of this, especially the frame about his kissing & photographing her unconscious, and the way you highlighted his OTT “nice”ness.

  35. Mohit says:

    Totally loved the “Synonym for the Baby cat” part :)

  36. Kinjal says:

    Brilliant….Just brilliant…!!

  37. Daanish Millwalla says:

    Bestfraaaand! LOL!

  38. Donella Low says:

    My friend told me about your site, so I thought I’d come have a read. Very interesting material, will be back for more!

  39. Mahwash B. says:

    One of the best you’ve ever done!

  40. Vidya says:

    Best line – “Oh you Stupid synonymn for a baby cat” 😛

  41. anonymous says:

    man you’re a legend… “synonym for baby cat”, “keel you”… and the last pane! Man you’re a legend!

    I dug up old comics because I just couldn’t stop reading after your Tezz review!

    Good one!

  42. Sonal says:

    A masterpiece to satisfy your comedy needs, a beautifully and smartly crafted light hearted movie which makes it a must watch and don’t forget to follow it by watching the 2nd installment. Btw I have found a new app to cater to all your movie needs and not only that also help u sorted them out too. Check it out at flickstree.com!

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