Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Game


Abhinay Deo’s ‘Game’ is the classic Whodunnit… If by ‘Whodunnit’ you mean knowing exactly ‘who dunn it’ five scenes into the movie. And by five, I mean two.

This review was first published on CNNGo.

Rating 4.42 out of 5

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38 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Game”

  1. Asha Tampa says:

    Doesn’t the plot resemble Agatha Christie’s “And then there were none”? I know there are many differences and unnecessary plots, but somehow I was instantly reminded of that story.

    Nice one Sahil :-)

  2. Pallavi says:

    Do movies like these really get made?And people pay good money to watch them? And Then There Were None was nailbiting suspense.Okay,not nailbiting,but you could not guess the killer from any which way. It was ingenious. And look what we make of it.

  3. Sagar says:

    I am confused about the ratings. I thought higher the score, worse is the movie. but by rating ‘Game’ 2.67 (the lowest amongst all the movies reviewed) are you saying that it is the best of the all the movies you have reviewd here?

  4. Kamal says:

    you missed out on a lot of fun this time Dude.. I watched the movie b4 reading ur review!! Whoever came up with this story should read super commando dhruv. That has more imagination than this!!

    1. International Vigilence Agency Crap:What the hell is it!! If it is so international, how come everyone in it are Indian!! And an Indian would be the best undercover agent to pose as a casino owner and drug baron in Turkey.. yup.. discreet.. For some reason he s alsoa punjabi who has a mallu surname for his undercover act!!Dsnt Greece have any police to investigate crimes on its soil?They need Indians working in International vigilence agency to investigate a murder in Greece.. N such an agency hs nothin better to do.. Right!!
    2. The Gal: What the hell was that gal doing in the middle of a highway in the rain!! She s supposed to b GF of a big drug baron. cant the dude atleast gv her a car as parting gift!!!How the hell did anyone even get to know she was dead? she was an orphan, was buried after her death, no one should b lookin for her!!N then just like that the dude figured her whole life out!!of a gal who went missing some 20 years ago!!That story would ve been more interesting.. N yeah.. who killed the film star’s make up man!!
    3. The evidence: What happend to the freaking evidence collected by the dude against his guests. He found everythin about the life of his daughter, but couldnt find the drug baron was an undercover cop!! What will the villains get by destroying the evidence he collected!!Couldn’t the secretary wait for everone to get off the island to slip him sm sleeping pills? no.. it had to b with a gun n patakha… that s a fool proof plan…How did the guy from a hospital bed in India come to an island in Greece just like that at the right time!!!Everyone used to communicate through letters in 2006.. yeah right.. when internet was so common, everyone had a mobile phone.. but no.. they hv to write letters.. n save it with the envelope n all.. The most idiotic villains ever!!!
    this can go on n on.. I dnt hv time.. but sahil, u cld ve made this into a full fledged comic book rather than a small strip.. this had the material for that.. so disappointed a bit..

  5. Ill Tempered Sampo says:

    Biceps! Woot!

  6. Eliza Bennet says:

    Good one Sahil, thank you man :)

    I love the sunglasses!

  7. wassup says:

    full fathom five thy father lies, of his bones are coral made, those are pearls that were his eyes, nothing of him that doth fade… tra-la-la-la-la..cuckoo-land is lovely no? does that rhyme? Now wot was the story once again?

  8. Shruthi says:

    Neil Menon, trust the mallus to go to Turkey and make money. He should have just opened one tea kadai and done undercover work. Would have been more credible!

  9. Ashish says:

    Here’s the GAME:

    Introduce 7 characters,
    kill 1, kill 1 more,
    almost kill 1
    and 2 are police waale
    sister is innocent
    who’s the killer? go figure! yo!

  10. Jimmy says:

    Oh God Sahil… Don’t whether it is because of your tremendous sense of humour or because of the tremendous stupidity of the movie but this is one of your top threes… I just can’t imagine Farhan Akhtar can actually produce a movie as stupid as this…

  11. Akshaya says:

    Sahil Rizwan! You are my inspiration!! I used to draw stick figures in my Hindi exam papers and then I saw this blog and OMG!! You are so good! I forwarded the link to my friends and one of them reads your blogs ALL the time. You mentioned maddox as your inspiration? You are way better than him!! Way to go! Looking forward to lots more.

    Thanks for this blog πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  12. Ashar says:

    Nothing… Just reveling in the irony! Hahaha! Epic!

  13. Chuck says:

    Who’s that muscular chap in the last frame?

  14. Mann says:

    Aaaaaand you are back with a BANG!!
    Haha this one was real good…Loved it!!

  15. archana says:

    died laughing!!!!! you have me hooked.

  16. Amyth says:

    Sahil bro it was fab as usual . but the last frame was absolutely killin . Cheers mate !!

  17. Vidooshak says:

    You’re back bro, An awesome strip after a long time. Genuinely creative and funny! It was so good, I almost expected to see a Sholay reference at the end (which seems to tie together most of your best work). Keep it up!

  18. Shivani says:

    Cool. Just checking.

    Lol. Hilarious review…!!

  19. Sammy says:

    Good one Sahil. :)

  20. Sohan says:

    Oh man, that last frame was a killer, hilarious!
    Keep up the good work man!

  21. Ibu Hatela says:

    Ah Dude, I was in Chandigarh in a multiplex when it happened to me. I initially went for FALTU(which I’m still waiting to be RIPped off by you), but skipped over to a very empty mall screen airing Game during the interval, AANd I was out by the time Kabir Malhotra had his brains all busted up. And violated was I!
    Great strip man. Do FALTU!

    Khaega Kela!?

  22. Sanjay says:

    Sir, please do not ever stop making spoofs like these! Its so true how incredibly amateur story writing for bollywood is nowadays. YOU ARE MY HERO! πŸ˜›

  23. po says:

    I just hope & pray that the drama character is something that he has not done before. just an ordinary guy in a middle or low income family, do not want his character to be from a rich family again..

  24. kam says:

    Seeing from this two episodes this drama might drive me crazy if I see it. I do not like it when the heroine of the story cannot figure out who her enemy’s are. Thanks.

  25. Arvind says:

    I would like to know if there is any software available on the net to create comic strip characters (not the stick figures),

  26. urban lama says:

    hey man ! when are new reviews coming.

  27. Brittni Sperka says:

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