Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Murder 2

Hello Hellos, lovely people! After a lot, *a lot*, of guilt-trippy comments & messages about the lack of updates, decline in funnies, and general “U suks now, sell-out!”  mails, we are back in action! Woohoo! Yes, I do read it all and as always, your concern is muchly appreciated. I won’t promise much, but let it be known that if there isn’t any improvement, it will probably be for lack of trying. I am still inherently a very lazy 23 year old.

Having said that, people mailing about the lack of new comics, pliss to join The Vigil Idiot Facebook Page or follow me on Twitter for updates and links. It’s not that there’s haven’t been new movies reviewed, it’s just that I haven’t managed to post them here yet. The latest comic being ‘Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap‘ – which, going by the comments, sucks balls! But meh, they can’t all be gems.

Speaking of ball-sucking, though, let us move on to today’s movie! It stars Emraan Hashmi, has been produced by the Bhatts, with a story copied from a Korean film, and posters copied from other Korean films. I could go on, but if that didn’t sell you on the mind-blowing awesomeness on offer, I dunno what will.


Rating 4.64 out of 5

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38 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Murder 2”

  1. Nishant says:

    Last line. Amen.

  2. Rahul says:

    Glad that I didn’t watch it. Reading the “story” in the comic was painful enough.

  3. Asha Tampa says:

    Didn’t watch the movie.
    Loved the comic.
    Keep em coming!

  4. Kiran says:

    Hahaha! Whatay fun read. But hey, why does Hashman have boobs all through the comic? Haha.

  5. aquaguy says:

    so amm…why does hashman has boobies?? :O

  6. Sosha says:

    Why do the Bhatts do this to us? WHY?

    Oh and, poor you! I kept thinking why isn’t the comic ending… And to think you saw the film!

  7. Rohit says:

    Awesome! Worth the long wait! Hope to see/read more.

  8. Jimmy says:

    Good review… Not one of your best though…

    One Warning for you Sahil:

    Just for the sake of reviewing these movies and entertaining us, you keep on watching all these shits… You yourself will go mad someday… Beware…

  9. Elis says:

    goodwrk macha…neva liked hashmi…boobs ws a gud touch though…he wud’ve betr suited the eunuch villain role

  10. Nimisha says:

    Thank God you’re back Sahil! :)

  11. ankush says:

    good work, man! btw, where do u get these amazing still shots from? the last smiling pic of hashman is epic, that particular smile, the expression .. hahaha

  12. Vidooshak says:

    “what a chaalu”… ROFL

  13. durgesh says:

    the comic was a rreal pain..

    u r rite we cudnt have stood the movie either..

  14. sri says:

    Hope to see more from you

  15. QX says:

    The last frame is sheer epicry!!!!

  16. Amod says:

    Ohh man…this movie was a torture of the highest order. Mahesh ‘I love pakistan’ Bhatt thought one day, “Lemme cash on the ‘Murder’ brand name, the sequel should have more sleaze, we’ll think bout the story later”. Jac Ferns was lesser role than the girl named ‘Reshma’. Why was she even in the movie…all she did was lip-sync dialogues, smooch and strip…all at the same time…Hashman, what was he pissed with God bout…Rebel w/o cause…worthless piece of junk, and I heard there’s a third one coming now.

  17. flikrpicasa says:

    Wow! the still pics are awesome especially, Jacqueline ones.

    For more Hot n Sexy Wallpapers:

    latest sexy wallpapers of jacqueline HQ

  18. sri says:

    I’m not able to view the comic stip :(

  19. Deepa says:

    Neither am I :(

  20. Abhishek says:

    Dude, trust me, even if u do sell out or suck u still write really awesome shit….must say u have wot it takes to humor ne1.

  21. ranjith says:

    Guys…Watch the original movie ‘Chaser’. Its a south korean movie and its awesome.

  22. 555apache says:

    Umm… Doesn’t the Hashman kill the eunuch with his Lezim?

  23. Chaitali says:

    One question, ur signature, how did u invent it? My brother’s name is Sahil too and I have have been writing it like that since forever!

  24. Ajo Paul says:

    You are back Sahil! Excellent read up..

  25. Oh Oh! says:

    Oh I know someone who’s not going to be happy with this murder 2 comic strip! ! !

  26. Mann says:

    The great vanishing act of Sahil Rizwan…..again!!!

  27. eliza bennet says:

    This is very good, thank you Sahil.

    “Guys…Watch the original movie ‘Chaser’. Its a south korean movie and its awesome.”

    I agree

  28. rhoadster91 says:

    Were you being held at gun point when u wrote this?? xD

    Dude, seriously contrived piece of work. Not just this one, but most of the previous ones.

    Maybe you should go take a nice long hiatus and commence writing again when u have true inspiration.
    Don’t do it for the fans.


  29. Diaz Samera says:

    Nice post.

  30. amol says:

    Awesome. hashman with boobs, awesomer.

  31. Aditya Sharma says:

    So, why did you draw Hashmi with boobs again?

    Awesome stuff by the way

  32. Debashree says:

    what a chaalu!!! lmao!!!

  33. lmAO says:

    why does emraan haashmi have boobs ?

  34. Parth Bhatia says:

    “Deliciously inappropriate”-lol!

  35. Sunny says:

    the movie isn’t that bad.. out of curiosity i just watched it. the acting was good but it was too gory to my liking. apart from certain blips the movie was decent
    the comic strip was ok as well… like i said the movie was good hence the comic strip wasn’t that funny…
    and also the original film “the chaser” is excellent :)

  36. Shashank says:

    Loved the drawing of Jacqueline fernandez in the corner.. with the ‘good stuff’ hidden.. the subtle things u put in ur cartoon is just brilliant!!

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